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Olympic Judo Guide

THE TIMES Guide to the Games HISTORY ONE TO WATCH BRITISH HOPE VENUE EXCEL 14 alkia ELY 4 JUDO Judo has been taught as a martial art since 1883, having been developed from jujitsu by Dr Jigoro Kano, The sport first appeared at the 1964 Olyrmpics in Tokyo and has been a feature since 1972 Teddy Riner (France) Holds the record for being the youngest world champion and has a record six world titles. The French Guadeloupian took bronze four years Euan Burton Won 81kg bronze at the World and European Championships in 2010. A former winner of the British Olyrmpic Association Athlete of the Year award ExCel One of Europe's largest exhibition venues, the centre in London's Royal Victoria Dock will host 13 sports over five arenas July 28-Aug 3 ago COMPETITORS: 386 MOST MEDALS 1st, Japan 2nd, Franoe 3rd, South Koroa 28th, GB MEDAL EVENTS: 14 35 15 15 10 8( 19 9( 14 14 HOW IT WORKS OJudo matches last five minutes OLess successful moves can be awarded waza-ari, two of which IPPON constitute an ippon OPoints are awarded for successful throws and hokds OLesser throws are awarded a yuko Oin the evernt of a draw aftor the allotted time, there is a golden period in which the first oompetitor to score any point wins O Penalties are given for inactivity. using illegal moves and leaving the inner contest area OThe matoh can be won instantly if a competitor is awarded ippon - the maximum score, see right O The 14 judo events are divided into seven weight categories for men and women A controlled, powerful throw forcing opponent on to their back Forcing submission by armlock or stranglehold Pinning shoulders to the mat for 25 seconds O The loser of cach contest is knocked out, while the winner qualifies for the next round, with the finalsts competing for the gold and silver medals Scoreboard THE CONTEST AREA O Defeated quartor-finalists compete in two repechage contests, the winners of which taoe the two defeated semi-finalists to determine the winners of the two bronze medals available in each event Matches take place on tatami, vinyl mats based on traditional domestic Japanese flooring. The inner contest area is 8x8metres, with a 3metres safety area around it Coner ebpn Referee THE THROWS THE JUDOGI (UNIFORM) Judogi are traditionally white, although since the 2000 Games in There are 67 legal throws in judo, the most popular of which are: harai goshi, a sweeping hip throw (pictured), uchi mata, an inner thigh throw, o soto gari, a large outer reap, and variations of Seionage, an arm shoulder throw Made up of a heavy uwagi (jacket), light canvas shitabaki (trousers), and a cotton obi (belt) which reflects the level of the judoka's training Sydney one competitor is required to wear blue to aid distinguishing opponents Next week: Modern pentathlon

Olympic Judo Guide

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One of a series of full page graphics that ran in The Times Newspaper in the run-up to the Olympic games


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