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The Olympic Dream and the Human Race

THE OLYMPIC DREAM AND HUMAN RACE Xo0a ollmpluda o 206 THE THE OLYMPICS ARE THE HUMAN RACE IN MICROCOSM-A GLORIOUS DREAM AFFIRMING OUR GRANDEST HOPES AS A RACE YET PARADE OF NATIONS SHOWING SOME OF OUR DEEPEST FLAWS. REIMAGINED If the world were 100% Christian and we were putting on a show to welcome the return of the Messiah, it would look a lot like the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The nations parade together. The hosts stop at nothing to create a dazzling performance fit for a king. "THE POWER OF Countries: 206 THE DREAM" Ú.. L.D Athletes: WWTW 10,500 (approx.) "Feel the flame forever burn, teaching lessons we must learn To bring us closer to the power of the dream". Sports: 41 Individual and Team Events: 306 Incredible effort invested by athletes, coaches, and Medals Minted: 812 Gold, 812 Silver, 864 Bronze? TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP countries to prepare for the games. The perfect entertainment for a Sabbath day or any festival day, enjoying friendly sport instead of building or earning or solving anything. jamaica 2163 The Olympic Oath, taken by one athlete on behalf of all: "In the name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams." 3 Usain Bolt olympic champion CORRUPTION Bribery: Scandal about a 1.5 million dollar bribe in Tokyo's selection as 2020 host Photo credit: CCOwikipedio Doping: Russia' track and field program banned from the 2016 Games for doping 5 Judging: Sports like diving, gymnastics, and soccer require subjective judgments, always open to question VIOLENCE • In ancient Greece, warring city-states would call a truce for the Olympics • 1916 Canceled by World War I • 1940 & 1944 Canceled by World War II • 1972 Munich terrorist attack against Israeli athletes • 1980 & 1984 Boycotts by the USA, then reprisal by USSR and 13 allies • 1996 Terrorist bomb in Atlanta (host city) as an abortion protest • 2016 Security high. Will ISIS target the Olympics, trashing the Olympic Dream? 2016 Terrorist on the balcory Munich 1972 Photo credit: CCO/Wikipedio WATCHING THE OLYMPICS AS CHRISTIANS Thank God for the vision of hope and peace he has put into human beings of all nations and cultures. Thank God for every bit of the vision that the Olympics are able to reach. Pray for humanity every time the vision is marred by corruption or violence, the same two human flaws that brought on the Flood (Gen. 6.11). Pray for the return of Jesus to bring the true peace, joy, and security that the Olympics can point to but never reach. Sources listed at Sponsored by: GMI Fellowship Program Ready to tackle a BIG missions opportunity or challenge? Apply for a GMI Fellowship TODAY! .. gmi More infographics at gmi fellowship program

The Olympic Dream and the Human Race

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The Olympics are full of powerful symbolism that describes the Human Race and all its grand hopes and deep flaws. As you watch the Olympics unfold, consider what they say about our world and our effor...


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