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Olympic Beach Volleyball Guide

THE TIMES Guide to the Games HISTORY ONE TO WATCH BRITISH HOPE VENUES 24 4 Volleyball The sport was developed in the YMCÁS of the United States in the 1890s and first codified in 1897. It became popular as a beach game in southem California in the 19306. Earls Court (volleyball) Horse Guards Parade (beach volleyball) Earls Court hosted Olympic boxing, gymnastics, weightifting and wresting in 1948. Horse Guards is more famous as the setting for Trooping the Colour Misty May-Treanor (United Statee) Ben Pipes Nicknamed "The Turtie", the most Successhul beach vollkyball player in history against the best in the world so the wil be kooking for her third consecutive gokd much-travelled setter's experience of the medal with partner Kemri Waksh The pair did club game in Spain, Belgium and the not ose a set in Athens and Beijing Team GB will find the going tough July 28-Aug 12 Netherlands should prove invaluable. COMPETITORS: Volleyball 144 men, 144 women MEDAL EVENTS: Volleyball 2 Beach volleyball Beach volleyball 48 men, 48 women Beach volleyball 2 July 28-Aug 9 MOST MEDALS, VOLLEYBALL 1st Soviet Union MOST MEDALS, BEACH VOLLEYBALL 1st United States 2nd Japan 3rd equal Brazil and United States 2nd Brazil 3rd Australia 4 2 2 HOW IT WORKS • An indoor voleyball court is 18m long and 9m wide. It is divided in half by a net that is 2.43m high for men and 2.24m for women. Volleyball is six-a-side game and the object is to land the ball in the opponents' half. Each team is allowed three touches of the ball before it must cross over the net. BEACH VOLLEYBALL Each team can have a libero player on court, who specialises in defensive play. The libero wears a different colour kit to the rest of • The beach version of the game is similar to the indoor sport with two notable exceptions: it is played by teams of two and on a sandy surface. The court is 16m long and 8m wide, divided in half by a net set at 2.43m for men and 2.24m the team for women. 18 mtres There are 12 teams in each of the men's and women's events divided into two pools of six with each team playing all the others in the pool. The top four teams in each pool from this preliminary stage go forward to the knockout phase. BASIC HAND SIGNALS FOR BEACH VOLLEYBALL In beach volleyball you are either a left-side player or a right-side player, depending on which side you receive the serve (facing the net The match starts with three front-row players at the net and three back-row players near the rear of the court. At each serve, the players rotate one space, O Line block on both attackers: whichever attacker receives the serve the blocker is to cover the ine attack and the back court defender will cover the cross- court attack. NET 2 Cross-court block on both players: the back-court detender will cover the line attack. Opposite Middle blocker 3 There are 24 teams in both the men's and women's competitions divided into six pools of four, each team playing every other in their group. Outside hitter All matches are the best-of-three sets with 21 points needed to win the 4 3 Line block on the person receiving on the right side as the blocker faces the net. Cross- court block on the left side (as the blocker faces the net). Outside hitter Libero first two and 15 in the decider Setter The top 16 teams qualify for the knockout stages - top two teams in each pool plus the best two third-ranked pairings qualify automatically. The four remaining third-placed teams play a two-match lucky loser round with the two winners going through. 6. All matches are best of five sets. The first four sets go to 25 points, the fifth to 15 and all sets must be won with at least a two-point advantage. O The closed fist means "no block" on that player attacking from the right. Shaking a hand or finger means serve at this player. Next week: Weightlifting

Olympic Beach Volleyball Guide

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One in a series of full page graphics which ran in The Times Newspaper in the run up to the Olympics


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