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The Olympic Advantage

40 Jamaica 777 561 386 259 THE OLYMPIC ADVANTAGE Year after year, similar countries like the US, China, Russia, and Australia consis- tently top the medal count. However out of 241 countries, 80 haven't won any medals! Studies show there are three factors that boost a country's success in Bahamas A look at three factors that contribute to Olympic victory their quest for medals. The numbers used here were drawn from the past seven USA Russia China Australia Summer Olympic results, beginning with Los Angeles in 1984. Inconsistent statistics as a result of the disintegration of Soviet Union, and China Iceland will take second place. So Who are the Olympic Champions? The Big Dogs Peanut Gallery I. POPULATION II. HOST COUNTRY III. AVERAGE INCOME (GDP) More people, more athletes, more oppourtunity The “home court advantage" in action Economic wealth to Olympic success Higher populated countries have a larger pool of athletic candidates to choose from for the Games. More options translates into more chances at a medal. This ranking shows the proportion of that country's chances (by population) to every one medal won, revealing a significant advantage in countries with a higher population. The "home court advantage" proves true in the Olympics as well. Hosting the Olympics proves to b0ost that country's medal count in comparison to other years. Whether the advantage is caused by easier travels or just confidence, the effect is significant. The average income of the country (or economic wealth) is also a fac in medal count, measured by GDP. Generally, better economies lead to better training oppourtunities as well as a mastering of many different sports. This also translates to more medal victories. - 50,000 people/chances USA 2,853,158 chances : 1 medal USA China $14 trillion $12 trillion China *: $10 trillion $8 trillion 200 200 200 $6 trillion 174 $4 trillion 150 150 150 $2 trillion Austrailia 13,432,399 chances : 1 medal Australia 110 100 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Iceland 100 100 100 91 Jamaica Bahamas 77 478,599 chances : 1 medal Medal Count 58 50 50 50 37 Bahamas Jamaica Iceland 158,091 chances 262,653 chances 313,183 chances Average US medals Average Chinese medals Avg. Australia GDP (in US dollars) (%24 ***.

The Olympic Advantage

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In the spirit of the Summer Olympics 2012, I posed the question, “Do all the participating countries really have an equal chance of winning medals?” As a response, I created an information graphic...



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