Looking Back At Sochi 2014

LOOKING BACK AT SOCHI 2014 A SIMPLE ANALYSIS OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE OLYMPIC GAMES IN HISTORY, AND THE SURPRISING FACTS BEHIND IT ALL GLOBAL PARTICIPATION AND MEDAL DISTRIBUTION MEDAL COUNT CIRCLE SIZE 25 50 MEDALS INVOLVED NOT INVOLVED Out of 208 eligible countries only 88 were represented at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. THAT'S OVER 2 BILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT REPRESENTATION AT A GLOBAL EVENT A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TOP 5 NATIONS RUSSIA NORWAY CANADA UNITED STATES NETHERLANDS The United States sent 229 athletes, compared with the Netherlands who sent only 41 athletes, the third lowest of every other medal winning nation. IF YOU WERE TO COMPARE MEDAL TO ATHLETE RATIO RUSSIA WOULD BE 6TH THE COST OF SOCHI 2014 Actual Cost Initial Budget £7.2/$12 £31/$51 billion billion The Sochi 2014 Olympics saw approximately 2,800 athletes competing in 98 events. This is in comparison to more than 10,000 athletes that competed in 302 events at the London 2012 Olympics, which came in at just under one third of the total cost of the Sochi Winter Olympics. A RUSSIAN REPORT CLAIMS UP TO £18/$30 BILLION WAS LOST TO BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION How does the cost of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics compare? APOLLO MOON LANDING SOCHI 2014 OLYMPICS LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS BUCKINGHAM PALACE (£95 billion/$159 billion) (£31 billion/$51 billion) (£8.92 billion/$14.8 billion) (£1 billion/$1.7 billion) SOCHI 2014 COST £1.69 BILLION PER DAY SOCHI 2014 EVENT STATISTICS Ticket Holders 1,100,000 13,000 Press Members 2,876 Athletes Sochi Population 340k Olympic Park visitors were, at times, in excess of 100,000 visitors per day. The official website was just as busy, racking up over 12,000,000 visits over the course of the Olympic Games. POTENTIAL 88,000 HOURS AUDIENCE OF 136,000 OF COVERAGE 4.1 BILLION TWEETS INFOGRAPHIC BY LA DESIGNS LA Designs provides high quality graphic and web design services. They specialise in creating unique brands and building modern websites. w: e: IN ASSOCIATION WITH RESEARCH AND SOURCES printsome YOU DESERVE AWESOMEệcid=rss

Looking Back At Sochi 2014

shared by LA-Designs on Mar 03
Taking a closer look at the most expensive Olympic Games in history.


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