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London - Three Times An Olympic City

www.AIRPORT-PARKING-QUOTE.CO.UK LONDON ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES AN OLYMPICS HOST CITY London is the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times. changed from Но the am 08 to 1908 1948 2012 The Games were originally awarded to Rome, but when Mount Vesuvius erupted Italy pulled out. The London Olympic Committee had just 10 months to organise a world-class event. These Olympics came after a 12-year hiatus due to World War II. Britain almost handed London beat Paris in the bid, with 54 votes to 50. A devastating defeat for the Games to the US due to Paris that has now lost 3 post-war financial stress, but King George insisted it was a chance to restore Britain. Olympic bids in 20 years and not hosted since 1924. At the opening ceremony, Many Irish athletes boycotted the games in protest of Britain's refusal to grant Irish independence. To this day, the US team refuse to dip their flag to British Royalty at the opening ceremony in solidarity with the Irish. No new venues were built Greece will be first in the and many participants brought their own food. Parade of Nations. Great Britain will be last, and the The event became known as other countries in the Austerity Games. alphabetical order between them. Germany and Japan were not invited to participate. The Even in a time of global economic hypersensitivity, the 2012 medals will be the USSR were invited but chose not to participate. largest awarded at a summer games at 7mm thick, 85mm wide and weighing 400g. Australia and New Zealand sent a single delegation under the name Australasia. COUNTING DOWN THE DIFFERENCES 1908 1948 2012 DATES AND 27 JULY - 9 SEPTEMBER 27 APRIL - 31 OCTOBER 29 JULY - 14 AUGUST DURATION (188 DAYS) (17 DAYS) (45 DAYS) i. COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING = 10 22 59 204 1:53 1:10 ALMOST 1:1 37 390 4,688 RATIO OF ATHLETES FEMALE : MALE 1,971 3,714 5,802 PROJECTED TOTAL = 2008 TOTAL = 4104 - TOTAL = 10490 NO. OF SPORTS 22 17 26 NO. OF EVENTS = 10 110 136 302 OPENING CEREMONY WHITE CITY ADIUM WEMBLEY STADIUM OLYM PARK CITIES BEAT IN THE BID - ROME, MILAN, BERLIN – ROME, DETROIT, BUDAPEST, LAUSANNA, HELSINKI, MONTREAL, ATHENS PARIS, MOSCOW, NEW YORK, MADRID OFFICIALLY OPENED BY KING EDWARD VII KING GEORGE VI QUEEN ELIZABETH II AND NOW FOR £75,000 £600,000 £9,300,000,000 THE COSTS... OLYMPIC FIRSTS 1948 1908 RATION BOOK 1944-45 2012 Opening ceremony First and only to feed the athletes war rations Triple host city: London Olympic relay race Political defection: Fully integrated Olympics & Paralympics A foreign official refused to return home citing "lack of freedom" in the Soviet Bloc OXO BBC Live 3D coverage Olympic sponsor Television broadcast Carbon footprint Runners' starting calculation blocks Diving Covered Olympic pool: the Empire Pool Olympic Park: largest new parkland in Europe for 150 years Field hockey First & only Tug of War Women's boxing Basketball played indoors TOP NATIONS : MEDAL WINS 1908 GREAT BRITAIN USA SWEDEN 39 12 8. 56 11 23 51 12 6. 146 47 25 1948 UNITED STATES SWEDEN FRANCE 19 17 16 13 10 WAIOADX 11 38 27 84 44 29 OLYMPIC MOMENTS 1908 1948 Swedish Oscar Swahn won gold for running deer shooting, and became the oldest Olympic champion of all time He set another age record at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp by being 72 and 279 days old during his triumph. Guinn Smith was the last man to pole vault to an Olympic title using a bamboo pole. Bamboo had been in use since the early part of the century, but was age 60. replaced by aluminium poles in the early 1950s. American John Taylor was a member of the winning medley relay team, making him the first African-American athlete to win 17-year-old American, Bob Mathias won the decathlon only 4 months after taking up the sport. He remains the youngest athlete in Olympic history to win in men's athletics. an Olympic gold medal. Tragically, Taylor died of Typhoid fever on 2 December 1908 after his return to the United States. One of the star performers at the Games was Dutch sprinter, Fanny Blankers-Koen. Nicknamed "The Flying Housewife", the 30-year- Italian marathon runner, Dorando Pietri became famous for his dramatic finish of the 40km old mother of 3 children won 4 event. He started the race slowly and pushed to achieve an extraordinary late surge to first place. gold medals in athletics: 100m, 200m, 80m hurdles, and 4 x 100m relay. With just 2km to go, he became disorientated with dehydration and fatigue. He took The most individual medals were a wrong turn and fell down several times before officials won by Veikko Huhtanen of Finland who took 3 golds, a silver and a bronze in men's him over the practically finish line, He was disqualified, dragged gymnastics. complaints were lodged against helpful officials and awarded a gilded silver cup by Queen Alexandra (wife of Edward the Ihe was VII). GENDER EQUALITY IN THE CITY Gender equality among Olympic athletes has improved over the years, although it's got a way to go yet. Male athletes still outnumber their female counterparts, but when it comes to gold medals won women often surge ahead. It seems strength may not always be in numbers. NUMBER OF FEMALE/MALE ATHLETES OVER THE YEARS 8000 6000 4000 2000 I 1920 1928 1952 1976 1908 1992 OLYMPIC YEARS FEMALE : MALE SHARE OF GOLD 1992 - 2008 AUSTRALIA 54.5 45.5 37.5 GREAT BRITAIN 62.5 CHINA 100 33.3 JAMAICA 66.7 SWIMMING ATHLETICS 14.3 38.3 61.7 Female Male USA KENYA 85.7 21.1 44.4 55.6 NETHERLANDS RUSSIA 78.9 33.3 66.7 33.3 CHINA SPAIN GYMNASTICS 66.7 25 22.7 ROMANIA RUSSIA 75 77.3 FOR WINNING AIRPORT PARKING COMPARISONS, BOOK ONLINE AT WWW.AIRPORT-PARKING-QUOTE.CO.UK 1¶¶¶¶¶ 144444 2008 000 144¶¶4 . -------------...... 1984 896 0961 14 44 1936 006L

London - Three Times An Olympic City

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In 144 days and counting, London will be the very first city to host the modern Olympic Games for the third time. Proud Londoners will open the 2012 Olympics with as much, if not more, fervour than th...




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