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Get ready for the summer games!

Get Ready for the Summer Games! LONDON 2012 The designers and ideas behind this quadrennial sporting event The Torch DESIGNER Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby Other works: A sculptural hanger for Levi's clothing brand The façade for H&M stores worldwide TRIVIA CONCEPT 8,000 torches will be produced - one for each relay participant Its triangular shape represents several trinities present in history and lore, including the official motto of the games: faster, higher, stronger Weighs less than 2 Ibs, enabling it to be easily held by young bearers Its holes make the torch lightweight and prevent heat from conducting down the handle It has 8,000 holes, to represent the number of people taking part in the torch relay Equipped with a gas burner system that can keep the flame alight for at least 10 minutes The Medals DESIGNER Jewelry designer and sculptor David Watkins CONCEPT The front of the medal depicts the Greek goddess of victory, Nike The reverse side of the medal portrays the River Thames in London TRIVIA Other works: Special effect models for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey The curved background evokes an amphitheater; the jewel-like emblem is a metaphor for the modern city 4,700 medals will be produced by the Royal Mint Each medal will take about A grid signifies pulling together, reaching out, and the radiating energy of the athletes 10 hours to complete A square balances the design and emphasizes focus on the center of the metal The Stadium DESIGNER CONCEPT Architectural firm Populous, with engineering by Buro Happold after they have ended Accommodates a variety of requirements and capabilities during the games, yet will remain useful Its bowl design brings spectators closer to the action During the games, the exterior will be "wrapped" to bring a "clear and memorable" identity to the stadium Other works: The new Yankee Stadium in New York, AT&T Park in San Francisco, the Olympic stadium for the 2000 games in Sydney, the 02 in London TRIVIA The top ring of the stadium was built using sur- plus gas pipes It's the lightest stadium to date, even though it required 10,000 tonnes of steel CONCEPT Tickets Each ticket features a Opening Ceremony £2,012 ($3,123 USD) pictogram that corresponds to the specific sport DESIGNER Tickets are Color-coded FutureBrand according to venue As a security measure, every ticket can be traced back to who bought it To minimize the risk of counterfeits, fickets feature holograms, barcodes, and ticket bookers' and purchasers' names Tickets for sporting events range in price from £10 to £725 ($16 to $1,125 USD) Tickets for opening and closing ceremonies start at £20.12 and go up to £2,012 ($31 to $3,123 USD) 150802,0 68031 Mascots DESIGNER CONCEPT TRIVIA The mascot's name, Wenlock, is inspired by Much Wenlock, a small town in Shropshire where a precursor to the modern games was held in 1850 Wenlock and Mandeville have already appeared in several CGI animated films and they both have individual Facebook pages and Twitter accounts: @iamwenlock London creative agency Iris @iammandeville Wenlock's head represents the medals won in each event and his face is based on the shape of the stadium roof He wears 5 friendship bands to represent the 5 rings of the games He has a taxi light on his head as homage to London's black taxis His single camera eye lets him record all the action Mandeville is the Paralympic mascot Clothing DESIGNER CONCEPT USA Opening ceremony attire: Team USA: Navy berets & blazers w/ brass buttons, white slacks for men and skirts for women, ties for men and ascots for women. Ralph Lauren Polo Closing ceremony attire: Predominantly white, Great Gatsby style, "exceptionally elegant silhouettes in a timeless palette" Olympic Village attire: Red, white, and blue with vintage-inspired polo shirts emblazoned with "USA" in block letter TRIVIA The USA opening ceremony outfits have been panned because berets and ascots seem un-American to some folks The closing ceremonies outfits upset some people because they believe the Polo logo is too large and there should be more reference to USA The Ralph Lauren-designed apparel was made in China, a move criticized by many including the U.S. Congress and the AFL-CIO Sport Icons DESIGNER CONCEPT TRIVIA London design agency Someone Two versions are made for each sport: a silhouette and a more abstract rendition inspired by the London Underground map All 38 Olympic pictograms appear on everything from merchandise to signage and tickets Individual sport pictograms were first used at the 1948 games in London The silhouette version was created for high visibility and informational applications They have been a regular feature of the Olympics since the 1964 Tokyo games The abstract version will be used for merchandising and where artistic touches are needed On time... and over budget? Estimated total cost Predicted total cost in 2005, when London won its Olympic bid by the time the Original Olympics budget Predicted cost now games are over £2.37 billion £9.3 billion £12 billion £24 billion ($3.7 billion) ($14.4 billion) ($18.6 billion) ($37.2 billion) ...they were only off by about £21.63 billion / $33.5 billion. Peeking at price tags £GBP (approx) $USD (approx) 1 Olympic sculpture at sailing events O Police and security 335,000 518,000 600 million 929 million Opening ceremony 81 million 125 million £ Cost to buy land for venues 766 million 1.2 billion Stadium construction 486 million 752 million AA Aquatics Centre construction 242 million 375 million Ở London Velopark construction 105 million 163 million DESIGN-TRAINING.COM Created for © QuinStreet, Inc. 2012 Sources: 7/London-2012-Olympics-torch-designers-Edward-Barber-and-Jay- Osgerby-explain-the-aspectof-the-iconicobject.html 6718243.stm medals-unveiled-to-the-world.html er_olympic/310202#ixzzlx3mAGdvj 4feabdco.html#axzz21TDyhUUV st/lacking-an-american-look-london-olympics-2012-opening-cerem ony-attire-ralph-lauren.html 081346.stm 07/labor-backed_petition_seeks_fo.html nt&task=view&id=4238<emid=2 12-olympic-pictograms-get-personal london-olympics-pictograms.html cs-2012-ticket-designs-unveiled/234919/ me-idUKTRE52009A20090325 n2012/oly-complete-3.pdf the- mascot/index.html 42. stm 2-Olympics-cost-spiral-24bn-10-TIMES-higher-2005-estimate.html e/fundamentals-626 TRIVIA

Get ready for the summer games!

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From clothing, to mascots, medals, logos, stadiums, tickets and torches, every element in the 2012 Olympic games has started with an idea from a designer or group of designers. These lucky designers w...


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