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Delivering the Goods: An Inside Look at the Olympic Medal

2012 DELIVERING THE GOODS AN INSIDE LOOK at the OLYMPIC MEDAL MAIL An Olympic Medal is one of the highest honors that an athlete can receive. International prestige awaits those who stand atop the podium while wearing one around their neck. But how much do we really know about its anatomy, composition, and history? fom London OLYMPICS LONDON MEDAL ANATOMY Jaly 27a 2012 2012 Olympic Medals The largest in history London 207 DIAMETER: Olympiad 85 mm THICKNESS: Compare to 7 mm The Smallest olympic medal LONDON 1908 WEIGHT: Diameter 33 mm 375 - 400 g Thickness: 4.4mm Weight 21 g OFFICIAL DESIGN DESCRIPTION OBVERSE REVERSE The River Thames and the London Games logo with angled lines in the background Goddess Nike with Panathinaiko Stadium in the background What do they represent? What do they represent? 1 GODDESS NIKE Nike is the ancient Greek Goddess of Victory and has been featured on every Olympic 3 OLYMPIC LOGO WITH LINES The Logo is displayed with lines that are meant to invoke the spirit of the athletes and the olympic sense of community. Medal since the first Olympic Games in 1896. 2 PANATHINAIKO STADIUM 4 CELEBRATORY RIBBON The Ribbon is meant to represent the River Thames flowing through the Logo. stadium in Athens used to host the first modern Olympics. 5 THE 2012 OLYMPIC LOGO THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL OLYMPIC LOGO IN HISTORY MORE THAN 80% OF VOTERS GAVE THE LOGO Cost: £ 400,000 THE LOWEST POSSIBLE RATING. * Measured by a poll on the BBC website. OLYMPICS LONDON MEDAL * COMPOSITION * July? 27a 2012 2012 Olympic Medals Is the gold medal really gold? COLD NO! IT'S MORE SILVER THAN GOLD The last Gold Medal actually made from Gold was given in 1912. Ever since they've been silver with gold plating. MEDAL MAKING REGULATIONS GOLD 1st MEDAL 2 nd | SILVER MEDAL 3rd MEDAL BRONZE Tin 6g Gold 550g Silver 95% Copper 550g Silver Zinc $ 494 $260 $ 3 * Approximate market value of the medal in USD 4700 of GOLD SILVER MEDALS WERE MADE COPPER 4700 MEDALS FOR THE 2012 LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES TONS LONDON MEDAL OLYMPICS HISTORY • July 27a 2012 Olympic Medals The timeline • 1896 Greece. 1900 France • The winners were awarded silver The only medal that was rectangular, not circular. Most winners received cups or medals, while the runners-up got bronze medals. Third place got NOTHING! trophies instead of medals. 1896 1900 1904 1912 Stockholm Olympics "Games of the V Olympiad" Paris Olympics Athens Olympics "Games of the I Olympiad" St. Louis Olympics "Games of the III Olympiad" "Games of the II Olympiad" • 1904 U.S. • 1912 Sweden . Awarding of the traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals began at After the 1912 Olympics the gold medals have been gilded silver rather than real gold. the 1904 Olympics. CREATED BY NAVIS I NAVIS DELIVER ANYTHING TO ANYWHERE WITH CARE. PACK & SHIP SOURCES: ,,,

Delivering the Goods: An Inside Look at the Olympic Medal

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An inside look at the Olympic Medal, details about the anatomy, composition, and history.


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