2012 London Olympics Construction

2012 LONDON OLYMPICS CONSTBUCTION Brought to you by SMARTBIDNET Construction Bid Software Building for 16,000 athletes and officials Olympic Village From 54 Nations 2.5 square kilometers 3. Competing in 147 Gold Medals Events 147 Basketkall Arena Aquatics Center 27 July 2012 - 12 August 2012 27 The Copper Box Olympic Stadium 75,000 firms involved in construction Velodrome 1 Achieving a 44 percent reduction in carbon CA emissions and 30 percent reduction in water usage Planting more than 4,000 trees and 500,000 other plants Also establishing over 2,800 residential properties 4 Velodrome Olympic Stadium The Copper Aquatics Box Basketkall Arena Center General Contractor: General Contractor: General Contractor: Contractor: General Contractor: Sir Robert Balfour Beatty Buckingham Group Barr Construction ISG McAlpine Ltd Time to build: Time to build: Time to build: (1) (2) 3) Time to build: Time to build: (1) 2 years 3) (1) (2) 2) З years 2 years б уears 15 months (4) 5) 6) Cost to Build: Cost to Build: Cost to Build: Cost to Build: Cost to Build: $758 million $69 million $419 million $47 million $145 million YYYYYYYYY YY Accommodates: Accommodates: Accommodates: Accommodates: Accommodates: 7,000 80,000 spectators 17,500 spectators 12,000 spectators 6,000 spectators spectators Putting it in Perspective: Putting it in Perspective: Putting it in Perspective: Putting it in Perspective: Putting it in Perspective: 20,000 cubic meters 3,000 ton roof The 250 metre track, ½ the weight of the Aquatics Center roof and one of largest Comparable to the size of Cowboys Stadium comparable in weight to the newly larger than Beijing's nicknamed "The Water Cube Pringle" was built from renovated Wimbledon non-permanent 56 kilometers of arena roof venues ever built for Siberian pine the Olympic Games How It's Different How It's Different How It's Different How It's Different How It's Different • Covered in 3,000 • 75 percent lighter than comparable steel • Roof is lined with • 20,000 square meters • 100 percent natural of recyclable white square meters of over 11,000 square ventilation and natural recycled copper cladding • Rainwater stadiums meters of recycled PVC membrane lighting • Roof could support the weight of 34 aluminum, and the stretches over the steel• Built on top of a supporting frame was built to support a frame 100-year-old landfill • Brazil may even buy site, pilings had to be it for 2016 Olympics double decker buses harvesting will help • Built using over 6,500 reduce overall water variety of wildlife and driven 26 meters into cubic meters of consumption by 40 fauna the ground concrete recycled from other Olympic venues percent Brought to you ky SMARTBIDNET Construction Bid Software Thank you to our sources - - - - - -

2012 London Olympics Construction

shared by JBKnowledge on Jul 09
This info graphics shows the companies, materials, and numbers behind the construction of the London Olympic Village venues for the 2012 Summer Olympics.




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