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Why Dinner is a Terrible Date Idea

DATING SMARTER and hom me can help LET'S GET STARTED: ARE YOU... a boy 9 a girl OR I'm going to the bathroom, If you were considering booking a recreational activity, how much more likely would you be to do it if a friend were also joining you? who's coming with me!? FAR LESS LIKELY LESS LIKELY NEUTRAL MORE LIKELY FAR MORE LIKELY 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% People like to do things together! Hey guys, how long do you spend planning a date? Ladies, what do you do if you don't like the date planned? It's okay, he'll get it right next time! 49% 30-60 minutes T TT There will be no next time. 14% 0-30 minutes 26% 1 in 7 women 11% > 120 minutes 60-120 minutes will refuse a date if she doesn't like the activity planned. How do we lower 41% of WOMEN those numbers? would rather give up dating than chocolate. Yikes! DATE SMARTER! You don't? WRONG! THE LOVE DRUG: DOPAMINE Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain during early phases of romantic attraction. Things that can trigger dopamine releases include: Dopamine levels during some activities: 200 100 BANANAS FUN NEW ACTIVITIES MUSIC BASELINE FOOD SEX MORE DOPAMINE = STRONGER ATTRACTION WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? go on better dates! Men and women are more alike than you think... But what do girls like? Would you rather be a Master Chef or Kung Fu All-Star? If you could only eat either pizza or sushi for the next 3 months (assuming they were equally healthy), which would you choose? Would you rather be an awesome ballroom dancer or breakdancer? 77% 60% 71% 77% 67% 60% MASTER CHEF! PIZZA! BALLROOM DANCER! WHO ARE WE AND WHY ARE WE TELLING YOU THIS? INTRODUCING... vimbly TM DISCOVER ACTIVITIES. BOOK INSTANTLY. So how do you feel about bananas? REFERENCES 1) 2) 3) Helen Fisher's TED Talk: 4) Statistics based on survery of 73 people of all ages and backgrounds E Follow us @GoVimbly

Why Dinner is a Terrible Date Idea

shared by Vimbly on Jun 25
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Dinner and a movie is a safe bet, but it's probably the wrong one too. Fun, novel activities boost dopamine levels in the brain, and therefore encourage a stronger attraction. So date smarter!




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