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Who Do You Love?

KAPITALL presents WHO DO YOU LYove? A Valentine's Day Playlist by Kapitall Love is in the airwaves this Valentine's Day, but certain retailers are listening to the sweet sound of the cash register. Should you get in on the stock market love? ROSES ARE RED (MY LOVE) A Bobby Vinton (1962). Roughly 196 million roses are produced for Valentine's Day (1) 196,000,000 60% California produces 60% of American roses, but the vast number sold on Valentine's Day in the US are imported, mostly from South America.(11) $130 On average, men shell out $130 each on flowers, candy, cards, jewelry, and dates. That's more than double what women commit to spending...[11] 15% Still worried your desk might be empty on Love's special day? 15% of women send flowers to themselves on Valentine's Day. (2) STOCK TO WATCH: 1-800-flowersYcom. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM INC DIAMONDS ARE A GERL'S BEST PRIEND Marilyn Monroe (1953, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) Don't show up empty-handed: There are over 27,000 jewelry stores in the United States. (1) That's 3 times the number of 7-Eleven locations in North America: 7-Elevens Jewelry Stores +7% The National Retail Federation expects sales of jewelry to increase 7% year on year for Valentine's Day--to $4.4 billion. (3) STOCKS THAT SPARKLE : SIGNET TIFFANY & CO. JEWELERS ZALE CORP SIGNET JEWELERS LTD TIFFANY & CO SWEETS FOR MY SWEET A The Drifters (1961) In Medieval times, girls ate unusual foods on St Valentine's Day to make them dream of their future husband. [11] billion The number of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts manufactured by Necco each year. (4) That's enough candy to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona 20 times and back again. [11] Nearly 60 million pounds of chocolate candy will be consumed during the week of Valentine's Day--enough to fill 20 olympic swimming pools (2) SWEET STOCKS: Rocky Mountain CHOCOLATE FACTORY HERSHEYS Mondelēz, International ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY MONDELEZ THE HERSHEY CO INTERNATIONAL INC. SCENES FROM AN FTALIAN RESTAURANT Billy Joel (1977). Valentine's Day diners said they expected to spend an average of $139, a 63% increase over the typical date night average of $85 per couple.(6) +63% 11% Be willing to take a hit if you're looking to impress. Only 11% of diners anticipated splitting the check. [71 STOCKS ON THE MENU: DARDEN Gësecake Factory RESTAURANTS DARDEN THE CHEESECAKE RESTAURANTS INC FACTORY LATHER AND LACE A Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (1982). 6% Clothing and lingerie make up just 6% of the $18+ billion spent on Valentine's Day, but a whole lot of the fun. [8) STOCK(INGS) TO WATCH: Limitedbrands LIMITED BRANDS INC LTS GET IT ONA Marvin Gaye (1973). 85% 85% of men and women say sex is an important part of valentines day. [12] More at-home pregnancy tests are sold in March than in any other month. 19] An average of 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine's Day. [1] STOCK PICKS: хо group/ Co., CHURCH & DWIGHT CO INC XOXO GROUP INC. LOVE STANKS J. Geils Band (1980). Researchers at Oxford University found that people in romantic relationships typically lose 2 people from their core group of friends. [10] A recent poll found that one in ten young adults admitted to feeling lonely, insecure, depressed, or unwanted on Valentine's Day. And that's just the ones who admitted it. IlL BETHERE POR YOU VFRIENDS THEME SONG The Rembrandts (1994). People, there are 904 dating service establishments nationwide. Make a date, hit the bars, you can do it! [1) FIND YOUR MATCH: LAC/ a fun site for serious daters JIAYUAN.COM INTERNATIONAL LTD SPARK NETWORKS, INC. IAC/INTERACTIVECORP DIAGEO MOLSON Coors MOLSON COORS ANHEUSER BUSCH DIAGEO PLC BREWING CO INBEV SA [1] [2] ts-about-valentines-day_n_1268940.html [3] [4] http://w (5] -about-valentines-day.html [6] [7] [8] ws&op=viewlive&sp_id=D1517 [9] Day- 139032949.html [10] [11] [12] nes-day-statistics-btn/ © 2014 Kapitall, Inc. All rights reserved. Kapitall Wire is a division of Kapitall, Inc. The lists of stocks are produced by Kapitall Wire and the content is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You take full responsibility for all trading actions, and should make every effort to understand the risks involved. Kapitall Wire and its authors do not have a financial position in any of the stocks listed in this infographic. Brought to you by KAPITALL --------. Judaduskad DWIGH

Who Do You Love?

shared by Kapitall on Feb 14
A Valentine's Day Playlist by Kapitall: Love is in the airwaves this Valentine's Day, but certain retailers are listening to the sweet sound of the cash register.





Love and Sex
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