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Where TO go on a First Date!

where TO go on a FIRST DATE Have a look at our SNIZL guide to where TO go on a first date and how to act with our handy tips on dating etiquette. 81% of women give men a chance before rejecting them 1. A MEAL 66 A restaurant is a great chance to get to know someone in comfortable surroundings. Not only do you have a chance to talk in-depth, but the food makes a handy distraction for any awkward silences. You also get to see how your potential new love acts in normal surroundings! 99 favourite places to date are: Women's 3 1. Coffee shop 2. Bar 3. Dinner 2. A BAR 66 An up-market bar is great for getting to know someone. You can dress to impress and take the date elsewhere if it's going well. 99 3. BOWLING 66 A classic. You're never too young or too old for bowling. Barriers and ramps are there to aid those that aren't able to hold a ball and roll it in a straight line - a tricky skill to master. 99 For every woman who goes out twice a week or more, there are 2.6 men chasing them - so get out more! 4. ICE SKATING 66 Whilst ice skating can quickly go from 'fun idea' to 'disaster', it's still a great choice for a first date. You can talk, and even lend a helping hand to your date if needed. Is there anything more romantic than slipping over with someone you hardly know and landing in a big heap? 99 81* of people say it's not important to kiss on the first date 5. THE ZOO 66 A fun day out, regardless of your age. A fondness for animals is a trait that many people look for in the opposite sex. 99 16* woman on the same night as a date 16% of men text a 6. WALKING 66 Cheap,! There's nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors; just be sure to avoid dodgy areas, and plan your route around the best local views. Great for deep and meaningful conversation, and for getting to know someone. 99 49% of men first text a woman the day after a first date DATING ETIQUETTE Some extra things to consider.. 1. Be on time, or be early. Don't keep someone waiting! money with you: never expect the other person to pay, but always be willing to pay yourself. Take 2. Prepare things to talk about: you don't need to go in 3. with notes or an agenda to work through, but have some ideas about questions you might like to ask. Be open in your body language: ensure you appear 4 more confident and approachable by keeping your arms uncrossed and looking your date in the eye. Listen: it's not all about you. Ask questions, and let 5. the other person speak. Be receptive and show that you're listening to what they have to say. 6. Be yourself: this is the most important thing! Never try to impress someone by acting like something you're not. 7. Bring a gift: something extremely small will do. A flower, maybe. Or a cookie, everyone loves a homemade cookie. Anonymousiy "Like" or people Tinder Sugges Don't cling to your phone: social media and your friends 8. can wait. If you have to keep someone updated, maybe do it during a quick toilet break? Laginwh Facabook -20 sank o Sngkito Whether you've met someone that you'd like to invite on a date for the first time or if you're still dreaming of finding that special person, thinking about a first date with anyone can be a daunting task. Because of this, it can often be easy to get them totally wrong. But don't worry! With our SNIZL guides, you'll never have to worry about a nightmare first date again...unless you're really creepy. SHARE YOUR BEST DATES WITH US! f S snizl

Where TO go on a First Date!

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If you managed to catch the first part of our dating infographic mini-series ‘Where NOT to go on a First Date’, you’ll now probably be wondering where the best places to go are when seeing someo...




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