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What Your Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship

WHAT YOur vaLenTine's Day gifT says ABOUT YOUr relaTionship. The Gift: Fragrance What it means: I'd like you to be my girlfriend. The Gift: Chocolate Hearts What it means: I'm still in Middle School. The Gift: Lingerie The Gift: Diamond Earrings What it means: I want to liven things up in the bedroom. O What it means: One step awuay from getting that engagement ring. The Gift: Two Dozen Red Roses The Gift: Cooking supplies (or any other way-too-practical present) What it means: I'm trying to look good. What it means: Break up with me- I'm an idiot. The Gift: Bath and Shower Ge/Lotion Set The Gift: A new iPad (or other electronic necessity) What it means: I don't know what I'm doing. Someone help me please. What it means: I'm a thoughtful guy. The Gift: The Gift: A Massage or Spa Day * A Weekend Getaway What it means: I feel like you need a stress reliever. What it means: I'm feeling super romantic. Wish versus receive 30.4% Wish 41.9% Receive of women of women wish to receive actually receive flowers. a weekend getaway. 22.9% 17.6% 11%* 14.7% of women wish to receive personalized romantic gift. of women of women of women wish to receive actually actually jewelry. receive a receive personalized romantic gift. chocolate. top 3 romantic gifts (according to women) 27.7% 19.6% 18.5% Weekend Flowers Personalized Getaway Romantic Gift what a woman will spend on her man 46.3% 82.4% 43.1% of all women spent less than $100 on Valentine's Day giftr. 13.3% 12.1% $50 $51-$100 $101-$200 $200 of Gen X of Baby Boomer of Gen Y women are of Gen X uwomen are most likely to spend between $101 to $200. most likely to spend over $200. women are women are most most likely to spend under $50. likely to spend between $51 to $100. shopping plans GIFT CARD I Love You 52% 50.5% 36% 35.6% 18.9% 14.6% 13.3% will buy will buy candy. will buy will plan a nice evening will buy jewelry. will buy clothing. will buy gift cards. greeting cards. flowers. out. 3 Week 2 Week 1 Week 48 hrs 0 11% of shoppers will shop 3 weeks in 24% 22% of shoppers will purchase giftr 2 weeks in advance. of shoppers will shop within 48 advance. 43% hours of the holiday of shoppers will purchase gifts I week in adrance. pre valentine social chatter 66% 36% women tweet about Valentine's Day almost twice as much as men. 11% 22% 8% 20% of men's twueets of women's Women discuss about Valentine's tweet about Valentine's Day negatively in only 11% of tweetr, whereas men are negative 23% of the time. Day are positive. Valentine's Day are positive. • WEDDINGTON WAY: Sources What VD giftr say about you/him/relationship: Stotr: An online Valentine's Day giftr sunvey circa 2011 by artrology gift report company. Ies In The Stors at d gift-for-Volentines-Day-not-flowersl.pdf PriceGrabber survey. Conducted from Jon. Il to Jon. 25, 2012. the sunvey includes rerponses from 793 U.S. orline shopping convumers, rabber-sunvey-138925219.html The NRF 2012 Valentine's Day Consumer Intentionv and fAictions Survey conducted for NRF by BIGinsight was derigned to gauge consumer behavior ond hopping trends related to Valentine's Day. The poll of 9,317 convumers war conducted from Januory 4-11, 2012. and The NRF Valentine's Day Conrumer Intentions Survey for yeors 2007-2012, rummarized in An onalyrir of over 70,000 pre-Valentine's Doy tweet by Nm Incite. Gender is bared on on algorithm that takes the author's nome ond mops it to a databare of whether the nome iv traditionally male or female. Sources include public post on Twitter only:

What Your Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship

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Be careful what you get your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Here's a guide to help you decipher what each gift means.


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