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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

What Your Engagemenit Ring Says Arout You The personality of each and every woman is reflected through her engagement ring. A flashy ring can say you like to be noticed, while a unique ring can represent your desire to be different and special. Here is a look at various engagement rings and what they might say about you. Oval Princess Round Hate Vintage Heart Golored Oval Engagement Ring Your Personality Your Wedding Warm and welcoming. Not a single detail will be left out at your wedding. from flowers to place cards to the tablecloths. Your Style You like traditions, but also prefer to add your own flavor. Sophisticated witha slight twist. You are never caught looking unkempt, but at the same time allowa casual chic look into your wardrobe. Princess Engagement Rings Your Personality Like the name of your ring. you are a princess type, always expecting to be treated well and with the Your Wedding Your Style Nothing short of over the top. Your guests will all leave your event feeling like princes and princesses. Sophistication and elegance. While you may go the casual route occasionally. you generally stick to high maintenance styles and outfits. utmost respect. Round Brilliant Engagement Rings Your Style You like to stay with the times and fit in. Your Your Wedding Everything about your wedding will be traditional and beautiful, but without Your Personality Just like a round diamond, which is the most popular diamond shape, you are easy going and go with the flow. wardrobe changes with the styles. surprises. Halo Engagement Rings Your Wedding Your Style your personality In order to have a halo engagement ring you have to have a bit of a unique personality, be willing to take chances, and do things a bit differently. Your style is tinged with remnants of the past fused with elements of the There will be a little bit of everything at your wedding. Perhaps there will be a blend of cultures, styles, or colors. Any way you go., there will be surprises. present and future. Vintage Engagement Rings Your Personality You are a free style type, willing to try anything, and enjoy stepping away from the norm. Your Style Pretty much everything you wear goes against the standard. You are used to Your Wedding One thing is for certain: your wedding will be the talk of the town for quite some time. No matter how you cut it, your wedding will be different. shocking people with your unusual style choices. Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings Your Wedding Your Style your personality You are very loving. romantic, and sentimental. You are caring and wear your heart on your sleeve. Your style is very soft and romantic with lots of Flowers, candles, and soft colors will define your wedding, which will ooze with sentiment. dresses and pastel colors. Colored Diamond Engagement Rings Your Personality You are typical yet different, as are colored diamonds. Your Style You swim in the right Your Wedding Your wedding will mostly be traditional but over the top in a way least expected. direction but with a different stroke. You wear current styles with a bit of flavor to make it your own.

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

shared by dmossgenesis on May 15
In today's day and age, every one has their own unique personality, tastes and sense of fashion. That's why Genesis Diamonds created a fun and interactive infographic which allows you to see what enga...


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