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What does your lingerie say about you?

What does your lingerie say about you? How important is buying lingerie for you? Interest in lingerie by age: A lot 21-30 45% 46% Very important Somewhat 31-40 34% 13% 51-60 41-50 11% 14% 3% Not at all, 3% 60+ 5% l'd rather not 7% Before 20 TOP 3 motivators to buy lingerie 1 3 To seduce To build self-confidence To feel powerful WHAT DOES THE COLOUR of lingerie say about a woman? red black white blue Passionate Practical Natural Romantic • Passionate, energetic • Practical - black always looks clean and can be worn with • A heady romantic - • Sometimes worn to emphasize natural beauty very in touch with emotions and loves the • Is fully aware of the power of her beauty black dresses idea of falling in love • Confident, calm and • Knows how to please in the bedroom, but • Courageous, strong • Has unique, artsy taste in fashion serious and ambitious • Very loving and caring expects complete reciprocation • Tend to be the leader in a relationship • Independent - takes pride in standing out • Tends to be honest • Can be a bit dramatic or needy, but that's part of her allure and in touch with her from the crowd • Can sometimes hide emotion • Can be both playful and serious in the their emotions Innocent in the bedroom, but usually a willing learner bedroom. enjoys cuddling after sex 80% Italian of women are wearing the wrong women wear red underwear on New Year's eve for good luck size bra FACTS ABOUT LINGERIE The about That's three weeks before average American 21 you need to do a laundry pairs of woman owns underwear ////, 10% of women own over 35 pairs HISTORY OF LINGERIE - 1914- Mary Phelps Jacobs is the inventor of a modern bra, which she designed by sewing King Tut was together two handkerchiefs with a ribbon and a cord. She patented her design in 1914 buried with 145 pairs of underwear - 1950's- During the 1950's it was not uncommon for college-aged boys to invade the dormitories of female students and steal their underwear in order to put it on display. These events became known as panty raids | Meet the Right Person © 2014 Meetville. All rights reserved 2.

What does your lingerie say about you?

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How important is buying lingerie for you? Interest in lingerie by age.


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