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Weddings Around the World

around the Marriage is universal. On all continents, through all centuries, and in all cultures, two people have come together to become one in a wedding ceremony. The commitment in this union is apparent in all cultures. The vibrancy of humanity is apparent in the act of marriage, because the small things - the cu the ceremonies, and the rituals – differ from place to place. World RUSsia china U.S. Japan mexico 2 india 6 western araditions where did they come from? something old. engagement ring. Women wear a ring on the left hand to signify their upcoming wedding. In 860 CE, Pope Nicholas I proclaimed that a gold engagement ring must be exchanged to solidify the agreement to be married. carrying the bride.. Something old represents the married guest. Something new represents the newlyweds. Something borrowed signifies something that the bride must give back, like her veil. Something spirits would enter through her blue is associated with the Derived from two Ancient Roman beliefs. One: If the bride tripped or stumbled bad luck would haunt the marriage. Two: If the bride stepped on the threshold, evil feet and ruin the marriage. bride's purity and virginity. A White dress... Before The Wedding In American culture, brides wear a white gown and most times, a white veil. In 1499 CE, Ann of Brittany popularized the white wedding dress in England. Something Old Something New OSomething Borrowed OSomething Blue indian graditions Pre-wedding ceremony ařaditions "Lawan Phere" legalizes the couple's union as they walk around the sacred fire four times, touching a stone on each turn. This represents flower petals & hold coconuts your ability to overcome the obstacles you will face ahead. ghe celebration To ward off evil spirits, the groom's father & brothers shower the couple with The Misri ring ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding. 7 married women draw the sign of Lord Ganesha in a red powder spread above a bowl of rock sugar. The couple exchanges garlands and gold rings. over their heads, circling the coconuts 3 times. The Bride Her hands and feet are painted with henna tattoos in patterns of paisley and medallions and adorned with many jewels. mexican graditions Pre-wedding The celebration The couple is sponsored by their godparents, Padrinos, who act as mentors to the couple in preparation for their marriage and to guide them through upcoming obstacles. ceremony graditions A white rosary is wrapped around the necks of the couple while they give vows. The groom gives the bride thirteen gold coins, arras, that signify he can always support her. The money dance is a Me tradition where guests "pay" to dance with the bride. The money is used for their honeymoon and setting up their new home. can The Bride MARRIAGE PREPARATION The bride usually wears one of a few different dress styles, a mantilla veil, a slim dress with a bolero jacket, or even a Flamenco styled dress with ruffles. chinese graditions Pre-wedding ceremony graditions The celebration The bride goes away with After the ceremony the Wedding ceremonies start at the half-hour mark as opposed to on the hour so the couples begin their new lives on an upswing. The day is chosen according to astrological signs. close friends. This is the bride serves tea to the release of her old life that groom's parents as a sign of respect. Serving of the cake is traditionally the only reception event. she will leave behind once she's married. The Bride Red is the wedding color of China. Everything from the bride's gown to the invitations. During the reception she often changes dresses 3 times! RUssian graditions Pre-wedding Geremony graditions The celebration Couples are greeted with bread and salt to symbolize fertility and success. At the reception, the one who takes the biggest bite Ransom for the bride is a The first toast is made to the game played for fun where the bridesmaids and best man set up obstacles, such as answering riddles about the bride, to win back her hand. newlyweds, as the guests begin to shout "Gorko," meaning bitter, in reference to the taste of vodka. The couple must kiss until the bitter taste disappears. from the breadloaf will be the leader of the family household. Answer these questions The Bride Her Favorite color? Many Russians can sew gorgeous clothing, so the bride usually wears a white dress with a veil that is OHer favorite movie? OHer perfume scent? Flowers or Candy? O Place to Live? often made by family members or by the bride herself. Japanese graditions Pre-wedding Geremony aruditions San-San-Kudo where 3 sips of The celebration Yuino is the Japanese betrothal ceremony. It is Invited guests engage in games, skits, & karaoke. Guests are expected to offer the couple goshugi, money a festive envelope. sake are taken from 3 different an exchange of symbolic gifts between the groom's and bride's families. sake cups. The 1st represents the couple and their parents, the 2nd, human flaws, (hate, passion and ignorance) the 3rd represents deliverance. in ghe Bride Traditionally, the bride is painted pure white to declare her maiden status to the gods, with a white kimono and a headpiece for good luck. Wedding Bug studios ......

Weddings Around the World

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Marriage is universal. On all continents, through all centuries, and in all cultures, two people have come together to become one in a wedding ceremony. The commitment in this union is apparent in all...


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