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The Wedding Anniversary Guide

the WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GUIDE ST ANNIVERSARY A time to reflect on your love and new life together. Eat the top layer of your wedding cake. ACTIVITY: A TRADITIONAL GIFT: Paper TO DO: MODERN GIFT: Cock COLOUR: Gold or Yellow paper treasure hunt GEMSTONE: Pearl or Perifot GIFT IDEAS: - tickets to an event - shares or stocks FLOWER: Drange Bossom or Pansy. an anniversary joumal TH ANNIVERSARY A time to reflect on your solidified bond. Plant a tree together. ACTIVITY: Take a trip to a place with forests. TRADITIONAL GIFT: Wood TO DO: MODERN GIFT: Slvenware COLOUR: Bfue, Puk or Turquwise GEMSTONE: Sapphire or Punk Tourmaline FLOWER: Daisy GIFT IDEAS: - fumiture - wood carving - oaden jewellery box TH ANNIVERSARY A time to reflect on the durability your commitment. 10 Pek a bouquet of daffelilsif its spring ACTIVITY: make a photo album. TRADITIONAL GIFT: Tin or Afluminum TO DO: MODERN GIFT: Diamond jewelleny COLOUR: Silver or Blue GIFT IDEAS: - blue sapphire jewellery daffadl print GEMSTONE: Blue Sapphire or Diamond FLOWER: Daffodil - antique tin toys TH ANNIVERSARY A time to reflect on your LUcommitment to a lifetime together. TRADITIONAL GIFT: China MODERN GIFT: Patinum COLOUR: Emerald Green or White TO DO: Plan a big aniversary party. ACTIVITY: Visit China. GIFT IDEAS: - platinum jenellery - china figurines - china phates GEMSTONE: Emeraf or Diamond FLOWER: Day Lily 50% TH ANNIVERSARY A time to reflect on a half century of love. Renew your mariage vows. ACTIVITY: Visit the Gold Coast or a gold mine. GIFT IDEAS: - gel jevellery a potehuark quit with patches from members of your family. TRADITIONAL GIFT: Gold O DO: MODERN GIFT: Gold COLOUR: Gold GEMSTONE: Golf or Imperial FLOWER: Volet eweddngteryles f hvedingaenylos wwweddingaceyflcs.couk P hedhngaonyfies Wedding Acrylics Source:

The Wedding Anniversary Guide

shared by jt14972 on Aug 04
How to celebrate the biggest milestones of your marriage, including tips on what to buy and what to do.


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