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Valentine's Day... Italiano!

VALENTINE'S DAY... TITALIANO! ITALIAN MEN LIKE WOMEN... LOTS! An Italian man will go the extra mile to make women feel special (note the plural, Italian men are renowned for loving women so much, they struggle to save their love for just one!) Expect... to hear Ciao, bellal used freguently, and other chat up lines such as Mi sono perso. Mi diresti dove aoiti tu? which means Ym lost. Could you show me where you live? LIQUID LOVE Italian coffee is the best in the world and many a marriage owes its origins to a first date over coffee. Expect... to kear Posso offirti una bevanda per sciogliere il gliaccio? or Can I get you a hot drink to melt the ice? LOOKING GOOD! Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Armani, Cerruti... all the best known designer labels are Italian, and the Italians love to look stylish in a bid to woo the opposite sex. Expect... to hear Sei quasie piu figa mel" on You're almost as hot as mel The only problem is who looks best? WATCH OUT FOR MAMMA! Woe betide the young lady looking to come between Mamma and her precious son! The 'Mammone’ or 'Mamma's Boys' as they are known are the... 80% of Italian men aged 30+ still 'livin' with a mamma'! Expact..lostilty from Mamma! USEFUL ITALIAN PHRASES FOR VALENTINE'S DAY Mi vuoi sposare? - "Come sei bella" Will you marry me? you are so beautiful 'Ti amo' I love you "Sei mia per l'etermita'- you are mine for etermty l nostro amore e etemo' Our love is forever AND SOME HOPEFUL ITALIAN CHATUP LINES "fa caldo qui, o e perche ci sei tu? Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Ho perso il mio numero di elefono, potrebloe prestarmi il suo"- l've lost my telephone vumber, could I borrow yours? Sei il motuvo per cui hanmO inuentato il ghoccio per raffreddare You are the reason they invented ice, to cool off 'Scusa...non ci siaMo gia visti prima? - Excuse me, have we met boefore? brought to you bg 11 intersko the aosta valley experts

Valentine's Day... Italiano!

shared by Robertomac on Feb 12
A quick bit of fun for Valentine's day to get everyone in the mood! As the biggest tour operator to the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy we decided to produce an Italian themed Valentine's infographic. ...


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