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Valentines Day 'Facts'

Plolentines facte Some of the facts shown may not be factually correct! produced by toxicfox® GIFT HERO Valentines Day Roses are Blue The red rose was the favourite flower of Pelé, Originated in Saudi Arabia in the late 80's by Hassan Cupidaf who tried to woo potential partners by shooting them through the heart with a bow and arrow. His attempts to find a suitable lover were unsuccessful and the Roman god of erectile dysfunction, who encompassed love, beauty, prosperity and a woefully flaccid winkie. brought to an abrupt end with his brutal public hanging in 1991. Here's Johnny (Bag)! For every £1 spent on valentines gifts, £4 is spent on contraception. According to a recent survey Cheese n'Onion flavoured naughty balloons (or'condoms') were the most popular amongst love makers. 16 minutes Great Minds... Women start thinking about valentine's day on average 253 hours in advance compared to 16 minutes for 253 hours men Fancy a fork? The Name's Valentine' Spooner or Later According to recent polls, there is a 56% rise in the number of spooning related incidents reported to A&E on February 14th. It is recommend that first time spooners wear jeans Valentines day was named after the James Bond character Valentine Zukosky. Other Bond characters to be named after holidays include: May Day, Christmas Jones, Minjita Easter, Halloween Flaps, Summer Swallows, Fanny Spring and Sweaty-Clacker Half Term. A Chip Off the Old Cock Drier than the Sahara! Colours of Roses Bought 31-40 Scientists have 41-50 A recent survey revealed that calculated the probability of getting sex on valentine's day by age: 0% of people 18-25 over 50 will 26-30 indulge in love making on Valentines day Valentine érotique Well Hung Singletons are 4x more likely to commit suicide on Valentines day and If tears from valentines day break-ups were collected and put in to an artificial lake it would be 'Valentines' when translated to French and then back to English roughly translates as 'sex'and when translated in to Chinese it roughly translates as 7EZE'which means 'humble winkie action' deep enough to inhabit between 3-4 aroused Loch Ness monsters. love" ...... Rampant Rabbit If all the chocolate bought on Valentines day was made in to a single Lindt bunny it would stand 92 storeys high and weigh as Mans Breast Friend Approximately 92% of pet owners buy their pets Valentines gifts. Canine lingerie was the top selling product for pets last year with an intimate internal The word 'love' is said approximately 12 billion times on valentines day alone. Over 28% 'love' much as 2 billion utterances are genuine cat massager being the second. domestic rabbits. Hasta La Vista Total Bull In Spain they celebrate Valentines by lining the streets and pelting bulls Children born on If all the the 14th October broken hearts (9 months after Valentines) are resulting from valentines with chocolate and were laid in line they 6x more likely to be an unwanted, reckless hanging used condoms from the horns. This is known as would stretch around the world 27 times accident 'condón usado toro humillación'

Valentines Day 'Facts'

shared by toxicfox on Jan 29
A humorous take on the established valentines day fact infographic, offering facts that may not be strictly true but are hilarious all the same.




Neil Cook


Love and Sex
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