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Untranslatable Words of Love from Around the World

MORE THAN JUST A WORD untranslatable words of love from around the world FLECHAZO KOI NO YOKAN An arrow shot - love at first sight (SPANI SH) (JAPANE SE) When you meet someone and knaw your are destined to fall in love MAMIHLAPINATAPEI IKTSUARPOK The shared looked of desire between two people foo shy to maake the first move (YAGHAN) The sense of anticipation as you wait for someowe to visit (INUIT) KILIG FIRGUN CHEBREW The giddiness you feel when meefing your crush (TAGALOG) The simple, unselfish joy that something good has happened to someone else MANABAMÁTE PSITHIRISMA The lack of appetite you suffer when falling in love (RAPA NU1) The sound of wind whispering through the leaves (GREEK) VIRAHA RETROUVAILLES (HINDI) The feeling of joy wien you are reunited with a joved one after a long separation The realisation of love through separation CENCH FORELSKET CHEIRO NO CANGOTE The euphoria of falling in love (DANISH) To gently nuzzle your lover's neck with the tip of your nose (PORTUGESE) YUANFEN (TAMIL) The fake anger lovers display after a tiff The force that brings us together (CHINESE) GEZELLIGHEID HAI SHI SHAN MENG (DυτEH) The warmth of being with loved ones The promise of eternal love CCHINESE) HANYAUKU ODNOLIUB CRUSSIAN) Someone that only has one love in their life CRMANGA) lo walk on tiptoes dcross the warm sand GEBORGENHEIT NAZ DIe The feeling of safety that comes from being witn loved ones CGERMAN) Cunou) The pride you feel from being loved MO CHUISLE MO CHROÍ MERAK (GAELIC) The pulse of my heart (SERBIAN) A sense of oneness with fhe universe derived from the simplest of pleasures ONSRA DOR ele (воло) The bittersweet feeling that love won't last The sense of longing when separated from that which you love (horANZAN) CAFUNÉ AAY HAN (MANDALORLAN) To run your fingers through a lover's hair (PORTUGESE) A bittersweet moment of mourning & joy CWTCH YA'ABURNEE (ARАви) You bury me - A hug - the safe place provided by a loved one. (WELSH) That to live on withouf a lover would be no life at all ZHI ZI ZHI SHOU, YU ZI XIE LAO СсиIмS To hold hands and grow old together Illustrations by Emma Block PRESENTED BY - VASH 1°- Your Diamond Expert

Untranslatable Words of Love from Around the World

shared by MathildeJoly on Nov 13
Vashi & illustrator Emma Block have collaborated to create a love story based on 'untranslatable words' from across the world. What do we mean by untranslatable words? Well, for example: Koi ...




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Love and Sex
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