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The Ultimate Guide to Contraception

ОН ВАВY! BABY! THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CONTRACEPTION Almost half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended, suggesting Americans still have a lot to learn about using birth control effectively. But not for lack of trying: Between 2006 and 2008, 99 percent of women ages 15 to 44 had used at least one method of birth control. And guys, don't think you're off the hook-all parties involved should be responsible for choosing (and using) the best method for themselves. IMPLANT METHODS IMPLANT INTRAUTERINE CONTRACEPTION 99% 99% EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE How it works How it works • Tiny rod inserted under the skin of a woman's upper arm • Small T-shaped device placed inside uterus by a doctor • Releases progestin (hormone) into the body over the course of three years • There are two types: Hormonal (containing progestin), or non-hormonal (made of copper) • Prevents ovulation and makes implantation in the uterus more difficult (if an egg is still accidently released) • Stays in place for 5-10 years • More than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy • No hassle during sex • Up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy • No hassle during sex • Can be removed by doctor at any time • No protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIS) • Must be inserted by doctor • No STI protection • Must be inserted by a doctor • Risk for pain or infection at site of implant • Expensive • Can come out of place (reducing effectiveness) • Chance of bacterial infection at time of insertion • Can cause irregular periods. Hormonal version can cause acne, breast tenderness, headaches, and nausea. $400-$800 every three years for exam, implant, and insertion; $100-$300 for removal* • Expensive $200-$1000, plus the cost of the initial doctor's visit and any followup visits HORMONAL METHODS All hormonal methods carry the risk of side effects including changes in sex drive or appetite, weight gain, depression, hair loss, increased hair growth on the face and body, headaches, nausea, and sore breasts. THE PILL PATCH 91-99% 91-99% EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE How it works How it works • Woman takes pill at the same time each day Small patch worn on the skin of a woman's lower abdomen, butt, or • Available as progestin-estrogen combo, or progestin-only • Prevents ovulation and makes implantation in uterus more difficult (if egg is still accidently released) upper body • Releases hormones progestin and estrogen to prevents ovulation • Patch is changed 1x/week for three weeks. During the fourth week, no patch is worn for period to occur • Non-invasive • Progestin-only pill (aka "mini pill") can have fewer side effects. • Can help prevent acne, ovarian cancer, iron deficiency anemia, cysts (breast and ovarian), PMS, bad menstrual cramps, and bone thinning • No hassle during sex • May help prevent acne, ovarian cancer, iron deficiency anemia, cysts (breast and ovarian), PMS, bad menstrual cramps, and bone thinning • 91-99% effective at preventing • No hassle during sex • 91-99% effective at preventing pregnancy pregnancy • No STI protection • Risk of side effects similar to those of the pill • Less effective for women weighing 198+ pounds • No STI protection • Must be taken at the same time every day to be most effective • Not advised for women who smoke or are age 35+ • May increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, high blood pressure, liver tumors, gallstones, and jaundice $15-$80/month $15-$50/month Though women on hormonal birth control typically bleed every fourth week, they're actually not having a real period. The bleeding is the result of the shedding of the uterine lining, but it's not a "real" period because the lining doesn't fully thicken and an egg hasn't been released. Week! Week 3 Week 2 : Week 4 THE RING SHOT 91-99% 94-99% EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE How it works How it works • Woman places a contraceptive ring inside vagina • Doctor injects shot of progestin in woman's arm or butt to prevent ovulation. • Prevents ovulation by releasing progestin and estrogen • Worn for three weeks, taken out for the fourth week (to have a period), and then replaced with new ring. • Can also be used continuously to eliminate periods. • Hormone (progestin) prevents ovulation • Each injection lasts 3 months. • 94-99% effective at preventing pregnancy • Doesn't contain estrogen (which some women are sensitive to) • No hassle during sex • May help prevent acne, ovarian cancer, iron deficiency anemia, breast and ovarian cysts, PMS, bad menstrual cramps, and bone thinning. • 91-99% effective at preventing • No STI protection • May result in temporary bone thinning. pregnancy $35-$75 per injection, plus any exam fees • No STI protection • Same constraints and potential side effects as the pill $15-$80/month BARRIER METHODS CONDOM FEMALE CONDOM 82-98% 79-95% EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE How it works How it works • A woman inserts a small "pouch" into her vagina to prevent sperm from entering • Man wears condom over penis • Prevents sperm from entering partner's body • Typically made of latex. Polyurethane condoms available for people with latex allergies • Can be inserted up to eight hours before sex • Helps prevent STIS • No prescription needed and no medical side effects • No hassle during sex (if inserted earlier in the day) • Stays in place regardless of whether a man maintains • Latex (and newer synthetic condoms) help prevent HIV and other STIS • No prescription or doctor's visits needed • No medical side effects • 82-98% effective at preventing pregnancy, if used correctly erection • 79-95% effective at preventing pregnancy, depending on • "Natural" or"lambskin" condoms might not protect against STIS • Can't be reused • Hassle during sex • Latex condoms can't be used with oil-based lubricants (like massage or baby oil, lotion, petroleum jelly), which will weaken condom and cause tears correct use • Hassle during sex (unless inserted earlier) • Can cause irritation or slip out of place during intercourse • Can reduce feeling during sex • Can't be reused About $4 each Approximately $8-$15 for a box of 12 (or free at family planning centers and health clinics) DIAPHRAGM OR CERVICAL CAP SPONGE 84-94% 84-91% EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE How it works How it works • Woman places device into vagina before sex to cover the cervix and • Woman inserts small plastic foam sponge containing spermicide into vagina before sex "block" sperm from entering uterus • Most effective when used with spermicide • Can be inserted hours ahead of sex • The sponge covers the cervix to "block" sperm from entering the uterus • Releases spermicide to stop sperm from moving • Can be reused (one lasts up to two years) • No hassle during sex if inserted earlier in the day • Currently only one brand available in the US • No medical side effects • 84-94% effective at preventing • No STI protection • No prescription necessary; no medical side effects pregnancy • Can sex and worn for up to 30 hours after being inserted • Can have sex multiple times without reinserting inserted hours ahead of • No STI protection • Need to visit a doctor for a proper fitting • Can be difficult to insert properly • Can be pushed out during the deed • Can increase the risk of UTIS • Can be difficult to insert or remove • May cause vaginal irritation $2-$5 each About $9-$15 for a package of three Stop sperm from moving (helps prevent fertilization) Come in several forms: foam, gel, cream, film, suppository • Can be used with any other method of birth control SPERMICIDES • Used alone, about 72-82% effective at preventing pregnancy • Cost: about $8/package FERTILITY AWARENESS-BASED METHODS (AKA "RHYTHM METHOD") Here's where the math gets tricky. The Rhythm Method involves charting monthly fertility patterns to help prevent pregnancy (partners refrain from sex while a woman is fertile). No medical side effects. Tools Requires vigilant tracking. It's 75-96% effective at (fertility charts and ovulation calendars) usually free at women's preventing pregnancy, though it's less effective for women who have irregular health centers. Smartphone apps to help with 2$ periods. tracking also exist and are usually free or very inexpensive. EMERGENCY PERMANENT METHODS CONTRACEPTION OF BIRTH CONTROL • What it's not: A regular method of birth control. So what is it? Emergency Contraception (EC) can be used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex (or if the birth control method failed). • For those sure babies are not in their future (ever), sterilization is a permanent and highly effective form of birth control, For women, that means "tying your tubes." $1500-$6000 • Women can take EC up to five days after unprotected sex, but the sooner the pills are taken, the better they work. For men, a vasectomy. S $350-$1000 • Three types of EC are available in the US, and they all work by preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs. Some are available over the counter for women • Both are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. These methods are a big life decision and are recommended only for people who are entirely sure they won't age 17+. If younger than 17, they're available by prescription. want children in the future. $10-$70 So how do You choose? It's important to consider a few things when choosing the right birth control method (for you and your partner). Here are the basics: Number of sexual partners and frequency of sexual activity How comfortable you are talking to your partner(s) about birth control O If you want to avoid additional doctors' visits Concerns about STIS Whether you're comfortable with hormonal side effects Whether you want to get pregnant in the near future If talking to a doctor about a method of birth control, be sure to ask about effectiveness, potential side effects, costs, benefits, and the effects the method will have on the ability to get pregnant in the future. *All costs listed are before health insurance Greatist Sources topie/bnurcondorbnurcondorimpie lemon ly Created by

The Ultimate Guide to Contraception

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Contraception is key for a healthy sex life. Here’s everything you (and your partner) need to know to make time between the sheets the safest (and baby-free) as possible.




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