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Top 5 First Date Ideas

ТОР5 FITST DaTe IDeas Bowling МOOD INDICATORS VS FUN PHYSICAL INTERACTIVE COMPETITIVE OLD CASUAL SCHOOL BOWLING FACTS A few tips that will TO IMPRESS! impress your date! Be sure the bowling ball is approximately 10% of your body weight. The origins of bowling can be traced about 4000 years back to Rome and Greece. Let go of the ball near your ankle and finish with your hand in the handshake Bowling balls were made out of wood until the early position 1900s after you release the ball. The bright side of Bowling: Friendly rivalry Helps break the ice Convenient locations all around the U.S. Double date option Anaerobic sport 00 Online daters Summary for the cyber-romantics... Even though you may already have a full background check on your date, it's only normal you will feel nervous, and this type of date can help you avoid those extra spotlight moments, you can both have fun and learn more about each other in shorter intervals, rather than long akward silent moments you would typically find on a Dinner & Movie type date. 2 local Music Show MO0 МOOD INDICATORS DANCING & SINGING DINNER & DRINKS OUTGOING SOCIAL FUN NIGHTLIFE PREPPING FOR THE DATE Before going out for a night of music, song and dance, a few tippers you should follow: Make sure you know the type of music your date likes. If there is no food at the show be sure you plan for a nice meal before or after the show. Do a little Have a research backup plan if for any reason the show gets moved or cancelled. about the band you're going to see. Like music to your ears... According to 45% of the dating population would love a Live Music Show Going to listen to live music is amongst the top 5 activities for a first date. Good idea if your date had a stressful week, Letting her decide what show to go to might give you some points. listening to music is a proven stress reliever. Online daters Be sure you download first... If this is the first chance you are getting to meet the person you have been dating online, be sure you've shared some thoughts about the music you both like, maybe even some YouTube videos and you share some common ground, remember this is the person that might be singing in your shower for the rest of your life! Haha! Go out for some Coffee МOOD INDICATORS P APHRODISIAÇ STIMULATING INTIMATE FACE TO FACE CALM RELAX CONVERSATION PUBLIC ROMANTIC BREWING SOME THOUGHTS Some facts you may want to consider Make sure you know she enjoys This option gives you the best a good cup of coffee. of two worlds, the intimacy of face to face,in a public rendering. Don't start the date too late This is a good otherwise you might be up all night and so will your date, which isn't good unless you decided on later plans. option in case you want to get to know one another and do a lot of talking. Coffee facts: Coffee is only grown in the Bean Belt sector of our planet between the Cancer and Capricorn tropics. i Expresso is a term of how the coffee is 30% consumes robusta coffee, stronger and bitter with 50% more caffeine than arabica. 70% of the world Coffee is the second most consumes Arabica coffee, which is mild and aromatic prepared: pressurized hot water in finely ground beans. traded commodity on earth. Online daters Be sure not to burn yourself If you and your date are not real chatters, or are a bit on the shy side, try to opt for a more active first date that will help you break the ice first. 14 WineTasting MOOD INDICATORS LEARNING EXPERIENCE ICE BREAKER OUTGOING NIGHTLIFE ALCOHOL FUN HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE Precautions! Don't drink and Drive, haila cab. Make sure your date actually likes wine and drinks occasionally. Don't get Drunk, moderate your pace. Be sure to eat first or have food during the wine tasting. Do not offer this date option if you or your date have had substance abuse in the past. Grape up your sleeve, impress your date. An Italian study argues that women who drink two glasses of wine a day have a better physical life than women who don't. A "cork-tease" is someone who constantly talks about the wine he or she will open but never does. Wine tasters swirl their glass to encourage the wine to release all of its powerful aromas. Most don't fill the glass refers to a "big" or more than a third full. A feminine wine is a wine that is more delicate than most. A masculine wine Odontophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine. "full" wine. 00 Online daters Wine responsibly By Now you might of had a good sense from your date's profile if he or she drinks, be sure you know your limits and stop drinking when you are just the right tipsy so you can tend to your date, getting drunk on your first date is not attractive at all! 5 %3B -- Dinner with a twist МOOD INDICATORS P Hi BREAKER CONVERSATION STARTER ICE INTIMATE ROMANTIC PUBLIC ADVENTUROUS SPONTANEOUS RESTAURANT SEARCHING The checklist Check if your date is vegan Check if your date is allergic Check what his/her favorite to nuts or any other ingredients. type of food is: ltalian, Asian, Latin... Don't be late a hungry date is not a happy one! Try taking your late to try new cuisine they haven't tried yet. (Shows you pay look up attention new restaurant openings. and are spontaneous at the same time). Make your move. If the date goes well, and you are both comfortable, try offering to cook dinner for your date the next time you see her or for third date. Try to fit a dessert at the will set Try something on the menu, meant to share or for couples. Let your date taste a little bit of what you ordered. an even more romantic mood, if you are both up to it! Online daters Dinner with a twist Going out for dinner on a first date is commonly categorized as a cliché and overused idea, but who says you can't make it fun by trying a new restaurant, ordering a whole array of dishes and sharing a new experience? Go for it, you will both enjoy talking about flavors, childhood favorites and under the right circumstances have a guaranteed second or third date to show off your culinary skills. SOME NUMBERS Some numbers you CAN'T ignore 5 Worst Places for a first date surveyed by would avoid Family Functions 81% would avoid Dance Clubs 34% would avoid Movies 31% would avoid Bars 28% would avoid Sporting Events 24% 20 40 60 80 100 Do's and Don'ts Guidelines O000 46% 50% 65% 75% of women say it doesn't matter how much their date spends on the plans. of women think it would be ok for their date to pay with of women spent more than $50 to get ready for a date on outfits of women say they don't want a date at a fancy restaurant a coupon and grooming 5% are ok with a no financial cost date 51% 57% 74% 86% of women would be impacted by financial generosity, be it tipping or donating of singles say debt does have an impact on the desire to continue a relationship of singles say credit debit over $5000 would cause them to reevaluate their date of singles find it appropriate to hold hands on the first date 73% 66% 22% of singles find it appropriate to kiss on the first date of singles find it appropriate to cuddle on the first date of singles find it appropriate to have sex on the first date THE END Sources inner-at-home TOP5 FIUST DaTe IDeas By: dating advice guy

Top 5 First Date Ideas

shared by CarlaJohnson on Sep 13
Have you ever run out of ideas of where to take a date, the very first time you are going out? Well here are a few fun, romantic and creative ideas that will help you make up your mind.


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