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Things You Should Avoid Before Sex And Why

THINGS YOU SHOULD AVOID before sex (and why) ALLERGY or COLD MEDICATIONS These medication often While they can effectively dry contain decongestants. out mucus membranes to relieve nasal stuffiness, they can also lead to vaginal dryness. Instead: Take a hot shower or bath with eucalyptus oil to help break up nasal mucus if you're feeling stuffed up. Note: If you're too under the weather, skip the sex until you feel up to it and most symptoms subside. SHAVING Shaving genital areas right before sex can cause irritation, rashes, and tiny cuts, which can lead to sexually transmitted infections such as HPV and herpes. Instead: Allow time for your skin to heal before having sex. CERTAIN FOODS and DRINKS Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, ALCOHOL meaning it inhibits respiration, circulation, and sensitivity of nerve endings, all of which are important to reach orgasm Wine and beer also increase melatonin levels, which increases sleepiness. GAS-INDUCING Some foods are linked to increased intestinal gas. FOODS Apples Asparagus Beans Broccoli Cabbage Cauliflower Grapes Lentils Soda Watermelon SPICY Capsaicin, a component found in many spicy foods, can remain in our mouths and on our skin after we FOODS eat and touch spicy foods. Kissing or engaging in oral sex after eating spicy food can cause a burning sensation in delicate areas. COFFEE Caffeine raises cortisol levels. Too much cortisol can lower libido and make it difficult to relax. SALTY FOODS Consuming too much salt Healthy blood flow is necessary to reach orgasm. reduces blood flow. HOLDING IT When old urine stays in the bladder, it increases the chances that bacteria will multiply. Instead: Urinate before and after sex to help prevent urinary tract infections. FOOD-FILLED FOREPLAY Food inserted into the body Sugary foods, such as whipped cream and chocolate sauce, can cause infections if not can cause yeast infections. completely removed. Instead: Keep food out of and off of genital areas. Don't let certain foods, behaviors, or activities get in the way the next time you get intimate. Brought to you by: In partnership with: 80 X's and O's GHERGICH&Co.

Things You Should Avoid Before Sex And Why

shared by Ghergich on Aug 29
Don't let certain foods, behaviors or activities get in the way of your sex life. So, before you have sex, try to avoid certain list of things detailed in the infographic below.


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