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Summary of John Gray "Mars-Venus"

THE DEINITIVE GUIDE TO RELATONSHPS MEN ARE FROM MARS. Women Are from Venus MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS JOHN GRAY OVER IS MILUON COPES SOLD WORLOWIDE VENERIAN ID MARTIAN ID Focused on people and feelings. Need small but regular attentions Focused on success, objects and things, not on people or feelings CONDUCT: They talk about problems in order to be CONDUCT: Suggest solutions to women and disregard understood, not to get them solved. They give unsolicited advice. their feelings FEEL When they feel they have someone FEEL When they feel needed INSPIRED: to care about. INSPIRED: WHEN Ridden by emotions WHEN Retreat and retire into their shells STRESSED: STRESSED: WHAT THEY WANT FROM LOVE: WHAT THEY WANT FROM LOVE: Care Understanding Respect Loyalty Recognition Empowerment Approval Trust Acceptance Gratitude Admiration Encouragement What I need are not words but all of your attention You are not listening I don't feel you are completely with me I feel like you are not here at all I want to feel your attention and care You don't care about me Don't ignore me and just focus on the problem. That hurts me I feel I just mean nothing to you I feel like no one cares for me. Please hold me close and tell me you need me No one pays attention to me I feel like I've pushed you away somehow. I'm feeling uncomfortable. Please tell me you love me You don't love me anymore Sincerity and innocence of love. Believing in eternal love and ideal partners Disappointment and annoyance. Understanding the partner's drawbacks and errors summer WOMAN'S CYCLES MAN'S CYCLES spring THE LOVE CALENDAR Manifestation of profound aching feelings. Feeling hidden emotional Enjoying the love both partners have brought back. Accepting and understanding that the partner is not perfect winter fall Alienation pain «Waves» of self-confidence Feeling the emotional bond THINGS TO BE LEARNED Not to give unsolicited advice THINGS TO BE LEARNED Inspire, not transform Listen to the woman without feeling annoyed THINGS TO BE PRACTICED EVERYDAY Ask for support, not wait for it and become upset Accept the partner the way she/he is Interpret her words correctly Understand, trust and cooperate Talk about feelings and emotions apart from solutions Set limits and learn to respect them Use the most powerful words of support Share negative emotions in writing Talk about problems in a friendly way but without suppressing your emotions KEY IDEAS from the best in 30 MINUTES Smart Reading business books Attaching Returning

Summary of John Gray "Mars-Venus"

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Summary of John Gray bestseller "Men are from Mars, woman are from Venus". Printable A2 poster. Available for download here —





Love and Sex
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