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STD Heat Map

"Data based on 2010 and 2012 studies by the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). ** UNITED STATES * * STO Heat Map People travel America all the time looking for more than just relaxation. Relationships are a major reason people leave their home state. But can we recommend going to Idaho for sex? We have a quick snapshot of where in America are the most heated places for STD's. CHLAMYDIA 1/15 sexually active females aged 14-19 9 years has chlamydia. Chlamydia is the most frequently recorded STD in the United States. 1,307,893 CASES OF CHLAMYDIA WERE REPORTED IN THE U.S Region PER 100,000 PEOPLE South 468.9 Midwest 418.3 Milwaukee, WI Northeast 392.7 West 391.2 Virginia Beach-NMorfolk, VA Memphis, TN/ 500 State PER 100,000 PEOPLE Hawaii 826 Mississippi 726 Louisiana 649 S. Carolina 582 Alabama 574 High Density GONORRHEA Highest report cases are in sexually active teenagers, young adults, and African 13,000 pregnant women with the disease. Americans. 309,341 CASES OF GONORRHEA WERE REPORTED IN THE U.S PER 100,000 PEOPLE 134.2 N Region South Midwest 108.5 16% 58% Milwaukee, WI / Northeast 77.4 of cases in Mississippi are 15-24 year old. West 58.7 of all infections in Mississippi are women. Memphis, TN / Birmingham, AL State PER 100,000 PEOPLE Mississippi 209.9 Louisiana 198.4 I I S. Carolina 174.7 Alabama 168.5 Arkansas 165 High Density A person is SYPHILIS 2-5 times more likely to get HIV if exposed when syphilis sores are present. 360 reports of children with congenital syphilis in 2011. 13,774 CASES OF SYPHILIS WERE REPORTED IN THE U.S Region PER 100,000 PEOPLE South 5.5 West 4.3 Northeast San Francisco CA Cincinnati, OH Midwest 3.4 72% Memphis, TN State PER 100,000 PEOPLE of Primary and secondary sypfhilis occurred apiong men who have sex with men. Louisiana 12.2 Georgia 8.1 Mississippi 7.7 Arkansas 7.1 Illinois High Density Every AIDS 1 in 5 people with AIDS are unaware they have the disease 9.5 minutes someone in the U.S. is infected with HIV 476,732 CASES OF AIDS WERE REPORTED IN THE U.S Region PER 100,000 PEOPLE Northeast 14.2 South 13 New York, NY West 8.8 National estimates suggest that there are approximately Midwest 3.4 7,500 Marylanders who are HIV positive and are unaware of their status State PER 100.000 PEOPLE New Orleans, LA Maryland 22.1 Miami, FL New York 20.6 Louisiana 20 New Jersey 15.5 S. Carolina 15.5 High Density PRESENTED BY SOURCES 10/surv2010.pdf SHRC.pdf HIV Sur veillance_Report vol 22.pdf#Page%-D17 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

STD Heat Map

shared by NowSourcing on Dec 27
This infographic provides a map of the most heated places in America for STD's.


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