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State of the Union

SEE Curious Planet RUSSIA 58% BY SHANIKA GUNARATNA & MANASSEH FRANKLIN INFOGRAPHIC BY MIKE LEMANSKI CANADA 58% NETHERLANDS 52% STATE OF THE UNION UK 60% FOR BETTER OR WORSE, people all around the globe get married. But as universal as marriage is, its rituals take many different forms. Here's a look at how the world weds. CHINA Pre-Wedding Traditions FRANCE 48%- 72% UNITED STATES JAPAN 51% ISRAEL 61% 58% TURKEY MEXICO 69% 63% BRAZIL THAILAND 65% 63% EGYPT KENYA INDONESIA 62% 56% 66% NIGERIA 54% INDIA 71% SOUTH AFRICA INDIA Families choose a fortuitous time (muhurta, in Hindi) for the ceremony based on astrological charts, the lunar calendar, and matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom. GERMANY AUSTRALIA 48% 50% Polterabend, "the evening of porter," is when friends and family gather, usually at the bride's parents' house, and bring old dishes to smash for good luck. The groom's job is to serve drinks and sweep up afterward. GLOBAL MARRIAGE RATE ESTIMATED MARRIED PERCENTAGE of population, age 15 and older, based on United Nations statistics. 10 - 9.3 Older and Wiser? KOREA FIJI When asking for a woman's hand in marriage, the groom presents her father witha whale's tooth or tabua. If the bride's father does not approve of the engagment, he will give the groom a tabua in return. The prospective groom gives a wild goose (these days it is often a wooden goose) to the bride's mother. Geese, which mate for life, symbolize the groom's commitment to his bride. Across the globe, men and women are waiting longer to get married. Looking at the most recent United Nations statistics, we found only three countries (indicated with red bars) where the average age at marriage had gone down over the last 30 years. Everywhere else, the age went up, and it increased dramatically in Europe. This chart shows a sampling of the changes in marriage age for women in different parts of the world. The surveys were taken at different times, but they all compare ages from the early 1970s and the first decade of the 2000s. Honeymoon Destinations 4.5 Couples from the United States tend to stick close to home for their honeymoons. Nearly a third travel within the country, with the most popular destinations being Las Vegas and Walt Disney World, and 28 percent head to the Caribbean, where Jamaica and the Bahamas top the list. Continental US. Hawaii Canada Caribbean Europe Asia S FOR MAP AND OHA hent of Economic and Social SOURCStairs -0.3 D CHART United Nations, -0.4 World Marriage Data 2008 and World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision. -1.6 Central and South America Mexico Other 29.7 21 | 23.1| 26.6 | 23.3| 31.6| 20.2 | 25.8 | 29.4 | 21.4 | 17.8 | 22.7| 31.2 | 24.7| 25.2 26 SOURCE: The Knot Market Intelligence, 2010 Honeymoon Study IAverage Marriage Age (women 15 and older) 36 AFAR MAY/JUNE 2011 MAY/JUNE 2011 AFAR 37 Change in Average Marriage Age (years) Belize zejg : Mali oopxaw Netherlands Seychelles

State of the Union

shared by judithgold on Jan 31
For better or for worse people around the world get married, but every country has a different way of doing the ceremony. This infographic takes a look at the different wedding traditions around the globe.




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