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Social Media Has Changed The Relationship Game

SOCIAL. MEDIA'S MARRY ME WE'RE OVER FRIEND ME Growing Impact on LOL Relationships I'M MESSAGE SINGLE ME It used to be that meeting your future spouse was done at a singles meet-up event or through online dating services. Now social media sites - Facebook in particular - are having a huge impact on romantic relationships. With 65% of online adults using social media, sites like Facebook are sure to play a role in relationship development from dating to marriage to divorce. 1] Relationships and the Social Media Community • Facebook now has [2] 400 million users Married ......... 60% Single ..o 37% 31% o....: of Facebook users list themselves in some sort Engaged of relationship. (3) 2... 03% It's Complicated 5%o....... 24%o..... In a Relationship All the Single Ladies (and Men) There are with 54 million 5.5 million of them using online dating services. 14) singles in the U.S., ..................................... ....... 1 out of 3 Americans knows someone who's dated online. [5] ............................................... 30 million adults have friends who found spouses and long-term partners online. [5] FIND LOVE The Dating Game While many have credited social media for finding new relationships, others have forever cursed Facebook for changing dating for the worse. Top 5 Ways Facebook Changed Dating l6) Top 5 Ways Facebook Causes Relationship Stress 17) Over-analyzing your partner's online activity is not good. Sharing WAY too much info. The Photo Factor. You're You can see what tagged in photos with your ex. your ex is doing (and the fun he's having without you!). Relationships and break-ups are public, for all the world to see. Getting a friend request from your ex. Your current Every relationship mistake you make is on record with Facebook. friend gets even friendlier (for the world to see). 5. There's revealing stuff on your partner's wall. Your friends' comments fuel jealousy. Going to the Chapel 2,077,000 Americans are married each year. That's 6.8 per 1,000 of the total population. [8] p Courtship O Marriage by the Book Married couples who met Knowing how Facebook impacts marriages, there are now guidebooks designed specifically to help Facebook-proof your marriage. [10] facebook offline had an average courtship period of 42 online had an average courtship period of 18.5 months, [9] months, [9] Breaking Up 1s Hard to Do Facebook) (But easier facebook O Search It used to be considered rude if a person broke up with a significant other via phone or email. Now, breaking up online is more common than ever, with Facebook making it easy with the relationship status icon. Wall John M. I'm back on the market! John M. went from being "engaged" to "single." Sarah B. Sarah B. We're over? I read it on Facebook! In a survey of 1,000 Facebook users, 25% of respondents found out their relationship was over by seeing it on Facebook first. [11 21% said they would simply change their Facebook relationship status to break up with someone, (11] Divorce Court When marriage fails, attorneys are looking to Facebook to find evidence for divorce proceedings. [12) Social Media Is a Divorce Lawyer's Goldmine A survey of academy members shows that 81% of them used info pulled from Facebook and social networking sites. [13] 80% of lawyers said that, in the last 5 years, they've seen big growth in the number of cases using social media. 2) Bar associations are conducting workshops on how to find evidence through social media sites, [13] Whether you're looking for casual fun, a long-term relationship, or are about to break up, social media platforms have become the new way for romances to bloom and wilt. You may want to think twice about how public you want your relationship to be. Or at least check that potential date's Facebook page first to see what you're getting into! Sources: rae [1] [2] social-media-facebook?_s=pm:tech [3] [4] dating-sites [5] [6] [7] networking_n_955980.html [81 [9] dating [10] [11] [12] 20111130,0,2091410.story [13] social-networks.html

Social Media Has Changed The Relationship Game

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Social media's growing impact on relationships.


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