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Signs And Symptoms Of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

ΕΜΟΤΙΟNAL EMOTIONAL ABUSE IN RELATIONSHIPS THE SHO СКING STATS Emotional abuse is the most prevalent form of intimate partner violence. It happens to every gender at every age. About 50% of Americans report 33% of teens who were in an experiencing lifetime emotional abuse by a partner. abusive relationship told someone about it. 12% to 20% of middle and high school students experience physical or emotional abuse in relationships. 25% of teenage girls report suffering repeated verbal abuse in a relationship. 33% of high school students have 62% of tweens who have been in a relationship say they know friends who have had verbally abusive partners. been or wil be in an abusive relationship. THE ABUSER Abusive partners typically have an anxious temperament. They try to control their environment to avoid feelings of failure or insecurity. Emotionally abusive men... Emotionally abusive women... Capitalize on fear. They try to Capitalize on shame. They try to convince manipulate their partner's fear of harm, their partner that they have failed as a neglect, or isolation. companion, parent, or guardian. THE MANIPULATOR O Withholds sex or affection to get what they want. O Threatens to hurt themselves if you leave. THE GASLIGHTER O Guilt-trips you into doing things for them. O Twists your words. O Uses over-the-top apologies. O Makes you doubt yourself. | Sabotages your plans. O Accuses you of abusing them. THE IGNORER O Calls you selfish and cruel. O Disregards your feelings. Tries to convince you that they're right. O Seems distant or preoccupied. O Uses the silent treatment. O Calls you “too sensitive." THE REJECTER THE CONTROLLER V Calls you names. O Criticizes or belittles you. O Treats you like a child. O Makes you feel helpless. O Makes you feel unwanted. O Constantly checks up on you. O Blames you for their problems. O Shows up to places uninvited. Goes through or destroys your personal belongings. THE TERRORIZER |THE ISOLATOR THE CORRUPTER V Makes you feel worthless. Keeps you from doing activities that you enjoy. Openly cheats on you or flirts with others. V Ridicules or humiliates you. Complains that you don't spend enough time with them. Accuses you of flirting or cheating. V Yells or swears at you. Has unpredictable, extreme mood swings. Resents the time you spend with other people. M Encourages unethical, possibly illegal behavior. Uses verbal or physical threats to intimidate you. Demands to know your private details. Pressures you to do things that you don't want to do. THE ABUSED Victims of emotional abuse are typically "people pleasers." They're empathetic and willing to change for their abusive partner. Emotionally abused women... Emotionally abused men... Typically ignore the abuse. Typically become more anxious, They isolate themselves from their self-critical, and unsure of themselves. abusive partner and family, and they They are more likely to have their thoughts, replace those relationships with other feelings, and behavior manipulated by activities like work, sports, or hobbies. their abusive partner. WHAT TO SAY WHAT TO DO "I'm not willing to listen to Call the National Domestic your accusations right now." Violence Hotline: 1–800–799-7233 "I think we should talk Talk to someone you trust. about this tomorrow." Find a support group "I understand." or counselor. "I appreciate your opinion." Be kind to yourself. Don't respond at all. Trust your judgment. truthfinder Do you see any red flags in your relationship? Search your partner's name on TruthFinder. wwW.TRUTHEINDER.COM SOURCES:

Signs And Symptoms Of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

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If you think you’re involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, realize that you are not the problem. Your toxic relationship is the problem. You can build healthy habits to improve your relati...


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