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Should I go out with this guy? A single girl's guide to online dating.

SHOULD I GO OUT WITH THIS GUY? A SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING START HERE A man messages you something original, witty and compelling. You immediately look at his pictures (as usual). How does he look? You come across a profile of what you think might be your soulmate. You like olives? He likes olives! You message. Does he respond? Congrats! You've WTF?! But he likes olives, too! As if he could do better. discovered a douchebag! NO He's...cute! Maybe a bit of questionable facial hair but sure, I'd still go there. YES OMGOMGOMG So hot. DO NOT WANT. YES How many messages does he send before suggesting a date? You aren't here to find a pen pal, honey. Is he shirtless or surrounded by trashy women in any of his pictures? UGH, LIKE, A MILLION. At any point does he say "I love to work hard and play harder." or "I'm looking for a partner in crime"? Ask him out or YES move on. Questionable facial hair AND illiterate? Yeah, no thanks. A FEW It's a trap. Flee! NO NO GO. Have as much hot, nerdy sex as you can handle. YES Nice! Have fun on your date. Show some Fly, you fools! Does he claim to like romantic comedies? NO Congrats! You've discovered an aspiring douchebag! cleavage. Does he know the Run into his difference between A PhD in Philosophy! How useful! YES YES NO your/you're and their/there/they're? arms. Does his profile reference Magic or World of Warcraft? Do YOU play Magic or World of Warcraft? NO YES Hipster. Proceed with DOCTOR? NOT DOCTOR? Deadbeat ahoy! Abandon ship. caution. Will he be in school YES NO forever? NO YES Normal human YES YES being. Proceed. Does he wear flannel, own a pair of Toms, ride a fixie, and/or have an ironic handlebar moustache? Does he wear a fedora or have suspiciously over-groomed eyebrows? YES Does he still live with his Is he in school? Does he have a job? NO NO parents? NO NO Does he read books? Metrosexual. Go if you like sharing hair product. NO Does he love Barbara Streisand? NO He's drug dealer. YES YES Dealbreaker. Is his favorite book the Da - YES Vinci Code? Hey girl. He's gay but doesn't know it yet. Don't worry, we've all been there. NO SNATCH Is he looking for commitment? YES (!) THAT SHIT @jo_annachao UP! Lovingly made by Joanna Chao after her own spectacularly unsuccessful stint with online dating.

Should I go out with this guy? A single girl's guide to online dating.

shared by joannachao on Aug 16
Maneuvering the world of online dating is le hard. Here's a simple guide to help you decide whether or not you should go out with the guy you've been messaging with.



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