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Is She Psycho Infographic - Ever Wondered If Your Girlfriend Was A Bit Psycho? Check Out This Fun Infographic

LIFESTYLE PRESENTS FOR MEN IS SHE PSYCHO? Is she often jealous? Do you give her reason to be jealous? YES Does your head often look like a top spinning when you walk past pretty girls Do you make EXCUSES not to see her? SCROL DOWN YOU ARE JUST THAT INTO HER NOT Does she get you to take her to the most expensive restaurants and always get the most expensive items? Is she happy to take your credit card? She never goes to bed with and has never really kissed you but is always up for an expensive night out Is she able to always rope you in to spend money even when her ex tags along, she's just so freaking HOT! Does she string you along while keeping you in the friend zone, and at her beck and call? She's a CON ARTIST Do you constantly need to explain your actions and words? Does she randomly appear in places you are hanging out in, even though you didn't make plans? Does she control Does she make paranoid assumptions anytime you interact with another woman? your life? Does she check through your phones and drawers? Does she call obsessively? Controlling Girlfriend Does she flirt with other men whilst you are there? Does she constantly need attention from you? Does she constantly dress sexually to attract other men, almost to the extreme? Is she emotionally unstable, swinging from love to hate from moment to moment? Do you sometimes find her waiting MM for you outside your home uninvited? Have you been invited to meet her family before you've been dating for a month? POSSESSIVE X UNSTABLE / Does she get in touch with your ex to find out more about you? Does she own more than 2 cats? Does her medicine cabinet have more than 3 bottles with medicines you can't pronounce let alone read? Has she ever claimed to only want sex with no commitment and that you can see other women? Are you able to get in touch with any of her ex-boyfriends? Are you discovering lies about everything from her income to her friends and people she met in her life, the school she went to, her family, EVERYTHING? Does she tell you she's madly in love with you and has a picture album of what your kids will look like & has already planned the wedding since the age of 10? Has she moved into your house while you are away on business, after only being together for 2 months? Does she get physical when arguing? Has she ever used the words. "I just couldn't live without you"? PSYCHO! Has she threatened to harm of kill herself? Had she had sex with all or most of your friends? Is OBSESSED with unicorns, fairies or any other mythical creature maybe even thinks she is one? Does she wields a knife and know how to use it? Does she have more than one restraining orders? Batshit CRAZY. RUN!

Is She Psycho Infographic - Ever Wondered If Your Girlfriend Was A Bit Psycho? Check Out This Fun Infographic

shared by azacreations on Nov 23
A fun take on relationships by Lifestyle For Men Magazine for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.


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