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The Relationship Status Update

THE RELATIONSHIP STATUS UPDATE lab BRINGS YOU What is the most important trait your significant other should possess? Physically attractive 11% Emotionally attentive 12% Similar humor 13% Strong family values 20% Same personality 21% Other political views, religion, career oriented, financially stable, taste in music 23% Have you ever YES NO HEATED? 32% 68% 23% 77% If there was no chance of getting caught, would you cheat? Have you been cheated on? YES 48% 53% YES |42% 37% 35% 124% NO 158% UNSURE 15% 12% NO |76% Do you believe YES 75% there is ONE true soulmate Have you ever broken up via text message, email, or facebook? NO-12% for every person? IDK-13% NO 67% HOW LONG DO YOU WAIT to change your relationship status? YES 33% New relationship After a breakup Would you ever break up via text message, email, or facebook? Immediately 38% 52% After I tell my friends 24% 19% NO I'd wait until my significant other changes theirs 60% YES 24% 40% Other 14% 20% After meeting someone you are interested in, do you do any of the following? RESPONDENTS NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP If you wanted to ask someone on a first date, how would you MOST LIKELY contact them? IN PERSON 24% - Facebook 16% - Phone 11% - Text message 42% 5% - Email 1% Other 2% - Other/None of these 11% Follow on Twitter Have you ever signed up for an online dating site? None of these 17% 26% Google them 29% Research on social YES "You can find plenty of dating on major NO-77% sites like facebook, 23% networks myspace, etc" Facebook 57% friend them "Because it seems wrong. People lie about who they are online" RESPONDENTS CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP Throughout the day, how do you communicate with your partner? On average, how many text messages do you send to your significant other each day? 67% call cell 38% 65% text 45% fb message O 19% 34% email 34% fb chat 1-5 26% 21% IM 6-10 17% Would you, or do you, post romantic messages on your significant other's facebook wal? 64% YES said 42 For survey methodology, or to receive the complete results for this survey, please email us at [email protected] lab

The Relationship Status Update

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
By asking a series of questions through a survey, this infographic looks at how relationship dynamics have changed since the advent of social media and other technological changes. It explores the way...



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