Relationship Balance

How to Overcome Relationship Problems elameCopingwithChangesParentingHierarchyControlFrustrationArguingListeningDysfuctionalMisunderstandingsPrideStagesoflLif. Relationship Problems and Solutions Which is more imporant? Common Relationship Problems Communication Sex Communication is the biggest problem that couples have to deal with. Different points-of-view and opinions can wreak havoc if you're not careful. Couples who have been together for a signifeant period of time can lose some of the passion that they once experienced, without an idea of how to get it back. Being Right Communication Being Loved Sex Money Fun Avoid focusing on being right when you disagree with your partner. Remember, you can't be right and be loved at the same time when you disagree. Money also can cause problems due to different rules and ideas of how it should be handled. This is an underestimated aspect of relationships. As time passes, many couples become complacent and busy, and fail to add new, fun memories to their lives. Money Fun Fast Track to a Breakup Quick Tips for Building Relationships Perfectionism: Always taking charge of decisions because you think that your partner can't complete tasks to your satisfaction destroys relationship satisfaction. t. Attention: If you use communcation as a way to bring attention to yourself, your partner will feel invalidated over time. Promote equal lines of communication, and accept that your way is not necessarily the right way. Step outside of your comfort zone and show interest in things that your partner is interested in. Listen to the Take Pointing fingers shows a complete disrespect for your partner, which leads to frustration and encourages a hierarchy, rather than a partnership. Blame: feelings behind what your partner is saying. Don't focus too responsibility, and be careful not to blame Intimidation: This is more about your need for power, than your need for your partner. a relationship. A functional relationship can't survive with this imbalance. This will only show your partner that you can't be reasoned with. heavily on the words.

Relationship Balance

shared by delly1234 on Jan 31
Part of an infographic that displays the imbalance that often happens when communication in relationships is imbalanced.


Love and Sex
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