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Proposal by Infographic

VISUALIZED O LOVE by Drake PROOF THAT WE ARE SOULMATES We fit together so perfectly..What are the odds? Stacy, you always say we are soulmates. the perfect match for each other. I always give some very unromantic response having to do with how many people there are on earth, and that it's unlikely that we'd find better matches. I decided to have a deeper look at just how incredible my luck is for having you in my life. p*.מי ק 7,008,000,000 PEOPLE ON EARTH 100,000,000 FOLKS = How many could I have met? Not more than 4% or Built on an overestimation-biased algorithm which accounts for populations of places I've lived, time I spent there, and number of people I could have interacted with per day. DIVIDE THAT BY 2, TO GET JUST THE LADIES THEN MULTIPLY BY 0.08 FOR AGES 25-29 AND TAKE OUT THE 88% WHO DONT SPEAK ENGLISH WELL. which leaves 1,340,000 Total women whom I could have nmet, talked to, and fallen in love with, in my lifetime. But there is so much more to you! Only 6% of people could Only 2% gorgeous inside and out. love a huge geek, like the one making this. of people are so Only 1% of people could bring total joy to my life. Only 3% of people could keep me laughing WAIT A MINUTE, THAT EQUALS 0.48 TOTAL WOMEN ON EARTH AS PERFECT AS YOU. Stacy, Your perfection is a statistical impossiblity, and you've made this very logical man admit that miracles do happen. They must, and you are the only evidence I'll ever need. I love you. Which leads me to my final logical query: Stacy, will you marry me?

Proposal by Infographic

shared by Ariela on Feb 14
"Proof That We Are Soulmates." Love makes us do crazy things, and this infographic is an attempt at the impossible — to quantify just how fortunate the designer is to have his girlfriend in his life...


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