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Newly-Wed To Do List

Newlywed To-Dos.. Feeling those post honeymoon blues? Not to worry, we have it covered! Here's a handy to-do list to help you hit the ground running in newly married life! In with the new Spic & Span! Thanks to your wonderful guests, you probably have lots of shiny, new things for your home. It's time to banish the broken kettle and put your old appliances into recycle! If your things are still in good working order, check with your local charity shop before throwing anything away! Remember, the last time you saw your wedding venue, you were drinking bubbly and dancing to ABBA.It's always a good idea to make sure the big cleanup went smoothly and nothing was broken! You'll probably find the odd abandoned disposable camera or two and that returned deposit you paid will come in very handy! Pressed and Dressed Identity Crisis Whether you hide it in the back of your wardrobe or hang it pride of place, that dress has gotta go somewhere! Some dress shops offer storage services and can wrap and package your dress in acid free tissue to protect the delicate fabric. Remember to dry clean it soon after your wedding; stains from where you spilled your bubbly aren't a great reminder. If you changed your surname, there are some important things you should probably do first. Things like your passport, driving license and bank account details will need to be changed showing your new name. 'd also get working on that new signature while you're at it! Snap Happy! Mind Your P's & Q's! It might seem a daunting task but those pictures won't sort themselves! You probably had a wedding photographer, a crazy uncle with a digital camera and numerous phone snaps. But organizing your photos and updating your online media album is a good way of reliving your big day! If you need further motivation, it's best you sort this out before someone else lets that awkward snap of you pulling a face be seen. Your friends and family will have no doubt put a lot of effort into making your day one to remember, (not to mention that huge present they bought you!) So remember to drop them a thank you note in the post and perhaps a snap or two of the big day! What's The Money Matters Worst That Can happen? Probably the topic no newlywed wants to talk about; money! If you've already been living together you may already have a system in place. But if not, it may be time to start thinking about joint bank accounts, rent or mortgages and bills! Take a trip to your bank your options including a joint credit card (just make sure you know your partner's spending habits beforehand!). If the worst should happen, it's important to know both the big and little things will be taken care of. If you have already made provisions with wills and life insurance, think about changing the beneficiary to your spouse. Sorting this out now will give you peace of mind in the long run. %24 %24 discuss all to

Newly-Wed To Do List

shared by sheldrickb on Jan 20
A lot of planning and thought goes into the wedding day. However, not a lot of thought goes into what you have to do after you get married.


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