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Nearly 1/2 of all U.S.Marriages End in Divorce

1/2 NEARLY OF ALL U.S. MARRIAGES END IN DIVORCE THE AVERAGE DIVORCE RATES IN AMERICA: 41% 60% 73% 1st marriages 2nd marriages 3rd marriages PRENUPS ALLOW YOU TO BE PREPARED, PROTECTED AND FINANCIALLY SECURE IN THE EVENT OFA DIVORCE A PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT A prenuptial agreement is a contract between a prospective bride and groom prior to the marriage. A prenuptial agreement can also be entered into after the marriage as a antenuptial agreement/postnuptial agreement. APPRO A WELL DRAFTED PRENUP CAN: DEFINE MARITAL (Joint) AND SEPARATE PRÒPERTY PROTECT YOUR ASSETS PRECLUDE COSTLY COURT BATTLES PROTECT THE INTEREST OF CHILDREN FROM A PRIOR MARRIAGE DEFINE FUTURE ALIMONY/ MAINTENANCE PAYMENTS COMMON REASONS FOR PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS: Protection of Assets: Limit of Debt Liability > Family inheritance Personal or business loans > Entrepreneurial endeavors > Gambling > Large net worth Credit cards Privately owned businesses primary and vacation homes Support obligations FIVE STEPS TO ENSURE YOUR PRENUP IS UPHELD IN COURT 1. The prospective husband and wife should each hire independent counsel. This avoids any future claim that a spouse acting on his or her own was not aware of the fullT implications of the prenup. HUSBAND WHIFE ASSETS ASSETS 2. Full financial disclosure of each party's assets and liabilities. This allows each side to make informed decisions as to what rights they want to give up in the event of a divorce. LIABILITIES LIABILITIES The prenup should be entered into far in advance of the wedding date. This allows each side to have sufficient time to consider their choices and can avoid a future claim of duress or coercion. PRENUP AGREEMENT 4. The prenup agreement needs to be signed in writing, subscribed by the parties, and notarized in the same manner as a deed. 5. The prenup needs to be fair considering the circumstances. If it is unconscionable it could be thrown out in court. Image Sources: Contract Signing/ Hand Protecting House(home)- Simple Graphic Stock Image/ Gavel Stock Image/ Hand Holding Icon House Stock Photo/ Father And Daughter Playing Stock Photo/ Calculating Stock Photo/ Advocate Stock Image/ Closeup of Woman Copying Data from laptop/ Sand Watch Stock Image/ Gold Scales Of Justice Stock Photo/ Signing Model Release Stock Photo/ PRESENTED TO YOU BY SPODEK LAW. SPODEK LAW GROUPRC. DO 3.

Nearly 1/2 of all U.S.Marriages End in Divorce

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A Prenuptial Agreement, also called an Antenuptial Agreement or Premarital Agreement, is a contract between a prospective bride and groom prior to their marriage. Such agreement is effective only upon...


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