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Millennials And Dating

DID DATING DIE WITH MILLENNIALS? BABY BOOMERS AND GEN XERS ARE HAVING A HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING THE NEW RULES OF MILLENNIAL MATING - BUT WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED OLD SCHOOL VS. NEW SCHOOL DATING LINGO DATING BABY BRUSH-OFF VS. VS. VS. "TALKING"/ "HANGING OUT" BAE GHOSTING "BEFORE ANYONE ELSE" Times and technology may have changed, but "talking" still indicates a non-platonic A sudden halt of all This term of endearment isn't communication from someone quite as hot as it used to be, but it's replacement is still up for debate you're "talking to" without a formal “goodbye" connection thatť's more casual, e.g., grabbing a coffee|beer A Plenty of Fish survey reports 80% % OF MILLENIALS LEADING SOMEONE ON VS. have been HOW IS YOUR DAY? ;) WANT TO MEET UP FOR COFFEE TOMORROW MORNING? ghosted BENCHING "KEEPING YOUR OPTIONS OPEN" I HAVE TO WORK. BUT I WOULD IF I COULD, BAE. Refers to someone who continues to text you to keep your interest, but they won't follow through with an in-person meeting/only ask when they know you're unavailable GOING STEADY VS. DTR "DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP" Usually means having “the talk" that makes a relationship official NEGKING I LOVE YOU VS. VS. DEMO "DANCE FLOOR MAKE-OUT" (EMOJI) Typically an alcohol fueled, sloppy version of the passionate make-out session that may or may not be random One single image can help the commitment-phobe sum up a fusion of emotions, e.g. "I care about, like, love you" BUT WHAT'S Really BEEN CHANGING FOR LOVE BIRDS ACROSS THE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE? U.S. MILLENNIALS ARE HOLDING OFF ON MARRIAGE HOW MANY ADULTS AGE MEDIAN AGE FORA FIRST SHAKY FINANCES PUT 18-29 WERE MARRIED? MARRIAGE CONTINUES TO ESCALATE MARRIAGE ON THE BACK BURNER FROM 2009-2010, A DRASTIC 5% DROP IN NEW MARRIAGES 28.7 22.8 26.5 WAS REPORTED THAT COULD BE 20.3 59% 20% DUE TO ECONOMIC RECESSION 1960 2011 1960 Grooms I Brides 2010 *According to Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census data HAS THE DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AGE MADE US SO CONnected THAT WE'RE DISCONNECTED? FINDING ROMANCE HAS FUNDAMENTALLY SHIFTED UBER CONNECTIVITY ONLINE DATING IS LIKE A CHOOSE YOUR DOESN'T MEAN EXTRA COMMUNICATION OWN ADVENTURE BOOK Apps, websites, and texting, lend to more communication, right? – wrong! Millennials are used to curating their own experiences in almost every arena, so why not when choosing a mate? Many digital “conversations" are vague and lead to misunderstandings 2005 2015 Millennials grew up with the internet and 44% 59% ONLINE DATING IS A GOOD WAY TO MEET PEOPLE: Texting allows us to be connected 24/7, but if absence makes the heart grow fonder – we're doomed are helping online dating lose its stigma PEOPLE WHO USE 29% 23% ONLINE DATING SITES ARE DESPERATE: Percentage of US Adults who agree with the above statements DATING APPS *According to 2015 Pew Research Center data CHOOK-UP APPS) ARE CHANGING THE GAME PEOPLE LOG INTO THE AVERAGE SINGLE SESSION OF MEN ARE 3X MORE LIKELY TO According to data from the Tinder dating app where you swipe right to "like" and left for a thumbs down: APP 11 TIMES A DAY SWIPING LEFT AND RIGHT SWIPE RIGHT THAN WOMEN 46% 14% 7.2 8.5 Men Women minutes minutes TECHNOLOGY IS GOING TO CHANGE THINGS, SO IS A cultural revolution JUST PAR FOR THE COURSE OR SOMETHING MORE? ARE MILLENNIALS MORE MIXED UP ABOUT SEX THAN PREVIOUS GENERATIONS? Greatest Generation (1900 - 1926) Generation X (1961 - 1981) I Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964) Millennials (1981 - 2000) PREMARITAL SEX IS BECOMING MÕRE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE THEIR NUMBER OF SEXUAL PARTNERS IS GOING DOWN... wait, what? Average number of sexual partners during a lifetime: Said premarital sexis “not wrong at all" 11.68 8.26 47% 62% 2.16 Boomers Millennials Boomers Millennials Greatest Generation THEIR AMOUNT OF CASUAL SEX/ NON-COMMITTED SEX WITH A PICKUPS IS GOING UP... but how? SHORTER LIST OF PEOPLE "Friends with benefits" Gen X: 35% or adults who had sex with a friend spiked Millennials: 45% 54% 70% 1995- 2000- 1999 2004 MAYBE MILLENNIAL DATING HASN'T CHANGED AS MUCH AS WE'VE THOUGHT - It's just how they get there that's different! Sources: DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING

Millennials And Dating

shared by NowSourcing on Oct 20
Do Millennials date anymore or is the human race doomed? It turns out things aren't as different as they may seem.






Love and Sex
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