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Men vs. Women on Financial Planning

Men vs. Women ON FINANCIAL PLANNING SAVING When MEN and WOMEN 18-49 were asked whether they would put their income tax return into savings: MEN WOMEN 40% SAID YES 30% SAID YES Both genders choose to save more as they grow older. The same question was posed to MEN and wOMEN 50+: 45% SAID YES 48% SAID YES SAVINGS GENDER AND AGE GAPS - VISA - 2007 When asked what they were saving for, WOMEN 50+ responded: #1 31.9% "For Retirement" #2 #3 # 4 #5 #6 "Health" "Home" "Vacation" "Emergencies" "Nothing Specific" NATIONAL CENTER ON WOMEN AND AGING 2002 When MEN and woMEN were asked if they thought they were on target to replace 80% of their income in retirement: 23% SAID YES 12% SAID YES UNEMPLOYMENT General unemployment between July and September 2009 rose for both genders, but rose slightly more for MEN. BLS - THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION 2009 423B 10, UNEMPLOYMENT RATE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE BY GENDER 8 10 4. 2006 2009 JULY SEPTEMBER When asked whether they had an emergency fund to pay for bills for a couple of months if they lost their job only 34% of WOMEN said they did, compared to 53% of MEN. WOMEN 34% MEN 53% FINANCIAL FINESSE 2009 20 40 60 80 100 IN 2008 AMERICANS' CREDIT CARD DEBT REACHED $972.73 BILLION "I regularly pay off my credit card balances in full." 100 36% 61% OF MEN OF WOMEN 80 60 40 Financial problems are the #1 reason reported as the cause of divorce. INVESTING NASDAQ HISTORICAL CLOSING PRICE 2000 2009 "I contribute to a retirement plan such as a 401(k)." "I have a general knowledge of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds." "I feel confident my investments are allocated appropriately." 100- 100- 100 80 80 80 60- 60- 60 40- 40 40 20 20 20- FINANCIAL FINESSE 2009 Overall, when compared on Saving, Investing, and Unemployment Preparedness, MEN are more prepared for future financial instability.

Men vs. Women on Financial Planning

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Statistics show that men and women handle money differently. While there are exceptions to every rule, men generally are better prepared for retirement, are more willing to put money into savings, pay...



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