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The Magic Number in Happy Relationships

LoveByte THE 5 Magic Number n HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS We feel loved in 5 different ways We all need each of these different 'languages' of love, but typically there is 1-2 that are particularly powerful to us. Words of Affirmation Compliments and encouragement from the heart Acts of Service Physical Touch Helping out in the nitty-gritty routines e.g. sharing housechores. Body contact like hugs and holding hands Quality Time Receiving Gifts It's the thoughtfulness behind gesture that means the most, not monetary value. Undivided attention is given, effort put in What are you and your partner's primary love language? How you know that your significant people love you? What does he/she How do you express your love to someone? What does he/she complain about often? request for often? Keeping it Positive and Healthy Happy couples communicate with each other ) >5 hours a week thinking of you Anything less and it feels like you're growing apart. It can be as simple as updating your partner your Status to tell him/her they are on your mind. Make each other smile Never gonna- ive you up -let you down -run away, or -desert you! Sending funny pictures and emoticons/stickers over text messages can brighten anyone's day. Express gratitude and Share your feelings. Sweetness + Laughter. Check! Never hesitate telling your partner how much they mean to you & compliment how beautiful they are. Smile uncontrollably when you wake up in the morning to find a sweet love note from your partner containing their deepest, truest feelings that they can't express verbally without stammering. Document the happy moments A healthy dose of positive interactions builds up an emotional "savings account" that helps to pull the couple through difficult times. 5 positive moments to every 1 negative moment Couples That Grow Together Stay Together As relationships get older, events get repeated and days feel mundane. They don't have to be! Strive to do something new every week. Take a clas Experiment new recipes Explore around Stargazing on an the city Compete in a game together open field LOVE COUPON Make Dating Fun Again specially breakfast LoveByte suggests exciting date activites that couples may virtually send each other as 'scratchcards' - always a sweet surprise to receive one! Stay loving! Brought to you by: LoveByte keeps a couple's relationship healthy and strong by focusing on OLoveByte communication and positivity. Download the app for free at Available on the UÄpp Store Google play Sources: Dr. Gary Chapman, The Gottman Institute, Dr. John Gottman

The Magic Number in Happy Relationships

shared by lovebyte on Feb 10
LoveByte is a thoughtfully designed app for couples to stay loving that aims to be an important part in a couple’s relationship. The ideas for the features came from our research on the different...






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