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Love and Hate on Twitter

Love & Hate on Twitter Over one million tweets from 2010 that contained either the word 'love' or 'hate' were analyzed. What do they reveal about what people are saying on Twitter? taco bell starbucks amazon google apple pizza hut applebees kfc red lobster sony dell twitter oracle facebook microsoft burger king mcdonalds wendys cupcake pie cake pizza steak wine coffee beer tea juice coke spinach burger broccoli liver pepsi water milk cycling hockey basketball tennis biden clinton cameron clegg obama rugby baseball running football palin boehner bush soccer mccain lion panda monkey bear bmw nissan ford volvo dog cat mercedes toyota honda tiger rat snake hyundai chrysler The ratio of times a word is used with 'love' and 'hate' is a simple measure of sentiment. These graphs above show the value for sets of related words. The more hearts shown, the higher the love/hate ratio. ddlovato joejonas Lasminevillegas donpiewahlberg nickiminaj chrisbrown Nittlecbeadles rihanna Jomas Brethers thecodysimpson ionasbrothers nickjonas eminem dahara jlsofficial plagetjedward justinbieber ladygaga selenagomez seankingston This treemap diagram above shows which people were mentioned the most often together with the word 'love'. The area of each image is proportional to the number of times that person was mentioned. Top Sports Referenced in Tweets Containing 'Love' running baseball SOccer bowling tennis skating basketball golf hockey football Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec These shaped word clouds below illustrate the most common tweets that start with 'I love' or 'I hate'. 1 Love.. you babe skype the buried life miley cyruSbeer boobs you momebay this shit mcfly basebll you anyway u justin it when a plan comes together my blackberryu@justinbieber icarly tha quy my mommy my dad betty white netflix u babe yu my followers #pattiesson leah you @justinbieber Purple uzthe rain my baby: house munic skins n beiber и mу cat măroon 5 my puppy bruno márs you jb @ladygaga fridays lazy sundays Sp. my boyfriend rainbf women all of you my husband demi lovato this moming my mom sf you guys this weather today"fwitter taylor swift tities snowiost california you justin me some him my laptop this day my girlfriendiaura the office can idol it rocks this job this film ▪1 the sun vegas tumblr demi Jessica selena gomez my sister |kobe the olympics tuesdays naps my family.em my parents my daddy | 2010 my gf house sundays gaga fashion ow yor. 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Love and Hate on Twitter

shared by jeff on May 16
Over one million tweets from 2010 that contained either the word 'love' or 'hate' were analyzed. What do they reveal about what people are saying on Twitter?





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