Improving Your Marriage With 8 Science Based Tips

8 Scientific Ways To Improve Your Marriage Today PRAISE YOUR SPOUSE EVERY DAY AND SHOW APPRECIATION 01 5:1 0.8:1 Couples who have 5 positive interactions with each other for each Couples who ultimately divorced had an average of 0.8 positive interactions for every negative one negative one are significantly happier Simple acts of kindness are often appreciated the most KINDNESS! 02 THANK YOU! Give your spouse a massage Say "Thank-you" for something you otherwise took for granted Give your spouse the last cupcake Take care of the kids so that your partner can have some Me- Time Ask and really listen Giving your spouse a massage, really listening to what's going on in their mind or simply saying Thank you' all do a lot more than buying a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers 03 PLAY TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER Shared laughter is one of the most effective ways for keeping relationships fresh and exciting One of the top 3 stated reasons for the success of couples who had been married for at least 45 years was their sense of humor. Even reminiscing about laughing together boosted relationship's satisfactions in couples TRY NEW THINGS WITH YOUR SPOUSE 04 New experiences activate the brain's reward system, flooding it with dopamine and norepinephrine. These are the same brain circuits that are ignited in early romantic love, a time of exhilaration and obsessive thoughts about a new partner 05 DATING IS NOT JUST FOR SINGLES. GO ON DATES, OFTEN! Go on dates at least once a week Couples who go on dates at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to report being happy in their marriage while couples who spend lesser quality time each week are 2.5 times more likely to get divorced than those who do LEARN TO FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT 06 trying to win attacking weak points making excuses instead of taking responsibility getting defensive showing contempt through words and body language walking away stay respectful feel free to be angry at each other be understanding compromise Against prevailling wisdom, Dr. John Gottman found in one study that the patterns that made some couples complain they were dissatified, led to improvements in the relationship as time went on Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Gautama Buddha One night of sleep can improve your decision-making abilities and reduce your negative emotions which makes resolving conflicts much easier 07 MAKE TIME FOR INTIMACY An increase of sexual activity from once a month to once a week The happiest couples have sex increases happiness by the same amount as getting paid an extra 2-3 times a week $50,000 per year Talking openly about sex and finding common grounds in regards to frequency appears to be very important for overall sexual and relationship satisfaction."- Dr. Smith TOUCH, KISS, HUG, CUDDLE OFTEN 08 Full-body hugging increases closeness, A 20-second kiss will raise his Studies show that a daily back rub connection and safety testosterone levels and make you feel drastically reduces anxiety and creates positive changes in attitude closer Infographic brought to you by: References Dr. Dean, Jeremy. '10 Psychology Studies Every Lover Should Know., February 14, 2014. Web August 14, 2015. Marano, Hara Estroff. The Benefits of Laughter. Psychology Today, April 29, 2003. Web August 14, 2015. "Staying on Top of Your Game'. Psychology Foundation, N.p. Web August 14, 2015. Klosowski Thorin. 'What Research Tells Us About the Most Successful Relationships'. LifeHacker, March 27 2014. Web August 14, 2015. Wilcox, W. Bradford & dew, Jeffrey. The Date Night Opportunity'. National Marriage Project, 2012. Web August 6, 2015. Moriarty, Kate. 'Why Sometimes You SHOULD Go to Bed Angry'. Womens Health Mag, April 23, 2014. Web August 14, 2015. Martin, Lauren. Something To Fight About: Couples Who Fight The Most, Love Each Other Most. Elite Daily. Aug 22, 2014. Web August 14, 2015. Nickols, Sherri. Why Touch Is Vital To A Happy Relationship'. YourTango, N.p. Web August 14, 2015. Dacher Keltner, Ph.D. 'Hands On Research: The Science of Touch'., September 29, 2010. Web August 14, 2015. Gottmann, John M. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work'. 1999. Web August 14, 2015.

Improving Your Marriage With 8 Science Based Tips

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If you want to improve your stagnant and unloving marriage today, try just one of these 8 tips.


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