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Improve Your Sex Life Today

IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE TODAY '10%3 of people within a relationship don't think they're having good sex. 050%: of women would like to have 0 more sex. 63% of men would like to have more O sex. It might feel as though things are getting a bit stale between you and your partner. This might be because you're both getting on a bit, you've been together a long time or because outside factors are affecting your relationship. Whatever the reason for your dwindling sex life, don't worry it can and will get better! Just follow these simple dos and don't and you'lİ be having mind blowing nookie in no time. DO THIS! COMMUNICATE TRY DIFFERENT POSITIONS BE AFFECTIONATE Discuss your feelings with your partner and don't forget to tell them when they're doing a good job. This will make your sex life more interesting and may solve problems by stimulating different areas. Be affectionate with one another in and outside of the bedroom. This will maintain the healthy bond needed for sexual relations. BE ADVENTUROUS TAKE IT SLOW Spice up your sex life by trying out a new location, using toys, erotic massages etc. Trying new things can be scary so take your time. Always discuss / ask permission beforehand. DON'T! DRINK TOO MUCH IGNORE YOUR PROBLEMS Although it may lower your inhibitions, consuming too much alcohol can have a negative effect on your sexual reflexes. There may be medications and treatments that could solve your problems. It's much less of a taboo nowadays. WORRY ABOUT OTHERS LET YOURSELF GO GIVE UP There's no answer to the question of how often you should be having sex. It's up to you. In men and older women, long periods without sex can have a detrimental effect on the sexual organs. Kegel exercises can help. Always keep trying and don't let self-consciousness get in the way. A therapist or doctor might be able to help. Sources sex-life.htm HEALTH of KNIGHTSBRIDGE secrets-to-better-love-life census-2012.pdf

Improve Your Sex Life Today

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10% of people in relationships don't believe they have good sex. Don't be one of them, improve your sex life today with these practical tips.


Love and Sex
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