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How to Get Married - without Going Bankrupt

то нOW Married WITHOUT GOING Bankrupt $31,213 The average wedding costs The most important day of your life doesn't always have to be the most expensive, and there are some savvy, sneaky and outright wonderful ways to keep the costs down - without messing with the magic. THE VENUE $5,250 Before you even think about the smaller details, you need to find the perfect venue. 'Perfect', sadly, tends to cost a lot of money... $1000 Mon $750 Negotiating Weekday Wedding Negotiating isn't just about trying to chip money off A Friday wedding can see savings of the total bill. Could you get a reduction in corkage around 20%, even on the high-end venues fees, cheaper hotel rooms for your guests or a free for receptions and ceremonies. cake-cutting service? Many venues, however, are growing more aware Thinking outside the box and planning of the burgeoning popularity of Friday weddings, ahead could get you a great deal - if you and Monday through Wednesday could see even ask. Sometimes, it even pays not to greater savings as a result (not only on the venue, mention you're buying for a wedding... but on florists and the like as well). £1500 Winter Wedding Aside from December - everyone loves an extra excuse to celebrate the holiday season - a winter wedding January through March or around November could see you sit in the off-season and make a mighty saving (mid-week in November could see up to 50% savings on the venue cost). Chances are it'll rain in the summer anyway! DON'T FORGET Corkage & Caterers Cake stands, cake-cutting fees Lighting & Equipment Some wedding venues will charge you for Some venues - whether wedding or If your venue is on the big side, your bringing in your own alcohol, with each reception - charge for cutting and band may need extra equipment to bottle of wine costing upwards of £5. serving your cake, especially if you cater to the larger room. used an outside baker and created Similarly, if you choose to use an outside Similarly, certain places don't include something elaborate. caterer (or even an external florist) appropriate lighting, or you may want venues can charge anything from £250 Discuss this before booking and come something a little unique. Cater to to £1000 for the privilege. Shopping equipped with your own cake stand if these costs in advance, or during the around is the best solution! you're feeling bold. initial booking, to make some savings. THE RECEFTION $12,500 When all the tiny moving parts fall into place - food, bands, décor and cake all included - you're looking at the majority of your budget being spent on your guests. $400 Ben $1500 Hand-crafting decorations Inexpensive entertainment There's nothing wrong with a wedding playlist on your iPod Every Grain of Sand and your friend's band playing I'm Your Man Richard Hell live. Calling in favours and I Drove All Night Roy Orbison Woman Everybody has that one creative friend who loves getting creative with inessential nothing more than breaking out the glitter pens. elements can often create the John Lennon most memorable moments. My Girl Otis Redding If you are feeling creative, place-settings and table Mercy Mercy Me Marvin Gave centrepieces can become a joy to make - and will add Custom sweet stands, photo booths and ice cream stalls are the special unique touch that will make all your guests gush when they reach the table (the same also off-piste, on-budget ideas applies to chair cushions and tablecloths, by the way). that are growing in popularity. BBA HOG KOASTS FISH + CHIPS Creative catering The days of the $75 per head three $1500 course meal are on the way out. Fish and chip suppers, hog roasts and even BBQS are becoming all the rage, and for good reason; not only do they add a quirky touch to your special day, they cut back on the costs and keep your guests talking about the day for years to come. They're also all delicious. DON'T FORGET Cloakroom fees, tips and late fees Clean up (and damage) Meals for photographers, videographers Depending on your venue, Sometimes, the party takes off in a way you never even imagined. Set something aside for Uncle Frank swinging on an cloakroom fees may not be included. They have worked hard for you all day - Similarly, a 'service charge' doesn't unstable chandelier or your sister-in-law they probably deserve to eat as well! include individual tips for the staff, which may be expected. And who is having a little bit too much to drink. Organise designated times for breaks, and include them in your catering Setting time and money aside for cleaning is also something to consider, especially if going to pay your DJ and photographer extra when the party budget (or make sure they know they're carries on into the wee hours? the party will go on late. bringing something to eat with them). 1350 THE DRESS One of the most iconic elements of any wedding is, of course, the wedding dress. At that price, you'd hope it'd be memorable! $1000 $700 Bargain hunting Charity shops and specialist bridal outlets are also an option if you fancy hunting for a bargain. If you have a good eye, you could catch the perfect designer dress at a fraction of the cost. $700 Buy a used dress Sample sales If you're feeling competitive, Sites like and sharpen those elbows and take offer on a sample sale. used (and often designer) wedding dresses, normally at around 50% End of season lines and reduced of the retail price; it might not be designer dresses will draw a -your- dress, but just pretend crowd, but you can catch someone gave it a test run. reductions of up to 75%. DON'T FORGET Beauty treatments and make-up Accessories Alterations (and Underwear) This applies whether you're indulging in This is especially important if you buy a second hand wedding dress without all the trimmings. Beauty is hard work - especially on a new dress or buying something used. your wedding day. Bear in mind that professional Remember that any pampering and adjustments can come at quite the cost, Shoes and bridal lingerie are never professional hair and make-up should especially when it comes to hems and something to be forgotten. be planned well in advance to keep trains. Keep an adjustable mid-rift costs down and ensure everything corset in mind to allow for any runs smoothly during those most pre-wedding weight loss. panicky, bridezilla-fuelled moments. - Ur, GET CREATIVE = The money or dollar dance AKOUND THE WORLD A tradition borne out of poor immigrant In Poland, the bride dons an neighbourhoods in Poland during the 1900s, the money or dollar dance follows the first dance between apron over her gown to receive the donations. the bride and groom (typically after a few drinks) and allows guests to pay for a dance with the newlyweds - In Hungary, the bride's predominantly male guests with the bride. shoes are removed and This increasingly common tradition is the perfect way quickly filled with cash. to get some one-on-one time with guests during the busy day - and receive a neat contribution towards In Mexico, notes are pinned your honeymoon or the cost of the ceremony. directly onto the bride's dress. 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How to Get Married - without Going Bankrupt

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Weddings are wonderful, obviously. But they can also be ridiculously expensive, and make your bank account feel less than wonderful. With the help of Giftcloud, take a look at some quirky ways to cut...


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