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How to Get a Boyfriend with 7 Golden Rules

How to Get a BoUfriend with 7 Golden Rules Start louing yourself unconditionally 01 Stand in front of the mirror and truly appreciate the person you see in it without reservations. Become aware of your expectations 02 You do not have to make a list containing a hundred attributes, but you need to have a set of basic qualities you expect your man to possess. Do away with the idea of compromise If you truly want to have a healthy relationship with someone, you must resist the urge to accept anyone and everyone who knocks on the door of your heart 03-2 Realize that perfection is a myth 04 The essential thing that you must know on how to get a boyfriend is that even in fairy tales, the heroes and princes are not perfect! So, how can you realistically expect your mate to be perfect at all? Nobody is perfect. Smile Friendlier facial expressions are not your enemies; they are your friends. Smiling at men you find attractive, for instance, does not automatically make you look'easy'. 05 . Put yourself in ideal situations 06 You can complain about your miserable life to your mom all you want in the basement of your parents' house, but that will not help you find a boyfriend. Forget about your past baggage Everyone has a past, and that is fine. Having a past is never a bad thing, what is bad is letting your past ruin your present. 07 Brought to you by Get and Keep Him

How to Get a Boyfriend with 7 Golden Rules

shared by caseyspecter on Oct 01
So, all of your friends and their friends have boyfriends, but you do not. Well, that’s bad! What if you end up lonely forever! Wouldn’t that be absolutely traumatic? Well, maybe. But, why take a ...


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