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How to Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

HOW TO FIND the perfect ANNIVERSARY GIFT You know you're super easy to buy for, but him – not so much If you're stuck, take this quiz and we'll give you some ideas QUESTION #1 If you had to describe him in one sentence, uhat vwould it be? He was born outdoors, lives outdoors, I hardly see A him unless I'm also outdoors Keep track of your answers One word: ESPN to find the perfect gift! His work is his play, he would sleep in his suit and tie if he could D He's a huge nerd about all things phones, tablets, computers and gadgets Preppy, sharp and high-taste, a cultured man Creative and expressive. He loves literature, music and art that speaks to him QUESTION #2 If your guy was hiding, where would you look first? Hiking a trail At a baseball stadium for the home opener Campaign fundraiser for a local politician The Apple Store A local museum Happy Hour at a local wine bar QUESTION #3 What does he do to relax? ......................... A Goes out for a walk/jog/swim B Puts on the game and tune everything else out Heads to the golf course Checks out the latest apps with his tablet or phone Kicks back with an old fashioned Works on something with his hands QUESTION #4 What's his favorite date activity? ........................ A romantic hike through the woods B Working up a good sweat at the gym together Cocktails at happy hour Playing video games together A night of wining and dining Trying out the new fusion bistro QUESTION #5 What word best describes his personality? -----.................................- ....... . Natural Masculine Hard-working Nerdy Classic Creative QUESTION #6 What's his favorite JU shou,? ----............. -.......- ---.- Survivorman Sports Night The Apprentice D The Big Bang Theory Mad Men America's Got Talent QUESTION #7 What's his favorite area of the house? A The back yard The garage His office/den The one with the strongest wi-fi The sunroom His hobby room (where he paints, reads, etc.) QUESTION #8 Where would he want to go weekend getaway? for a ......... . ... A cabin in the woods Extreme sports vacation Catching up with his family Comicon A vineyard, spa or relaxing on the beach The Metropolitan Museum of Art TALLY YOUR ANSWERS MOSTLY A'S MOSTLY B's The Outdoorsman The Sports Enthusiast Your guy is an outdoorsman. He's You're in love with a sports enthusiast. inspired by nature and loves to be He loves beer, sports, motorcycles and outside whenever possible. His favorite grilling - ESPECIALLY meats. A lot of activities might include running, hiking. sports enthusiasts like to do things that swimming. fishing or kayaking, and he's exemplify their manhood. Working out, THRILLED when you want to tag along getting a fresh shave and catching a An outdoorsman will love any kind of ball game are all examples. Sports gift that lets him get the full outdoor enthusiasts tend to like gifts that help experience, including athletic apparel them do just that, like power tools, outdoor accessories and camping/ sports gear or fancy alcohol. hiking gear. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS HERE ARE SOME IDE AS FOR YOUR OUTDOORSMAN FOR YOUR MANLY MAN Under $50 Under $50 Hammock Chair $29 Craft Beer Club Year Membership $37.75 BRADY Over $50 Over $50 12 12 Under Armour Jacket $80 NFL Game Jersey $99.95 DIY DIY Multi-function Walking Stick (converts to chair) Baseball Bat American Flag MOSTLY C'S MOSTLY D'S The Professional The Gadget Guy Your man is a professional. He likes Your guy is a tech-head. He loves staying up to date on the latest news some combination of video games, and trends, and he loves talking programming, social media, and industry or politics. He's really tech- gadgetry. Basically, anything that savvy, and he's all about maintaining involves the Internet. Techie guys are a professional appearance and work super easy to buy for - you just buy ethic. Work clothes and accessories. them new toys! Phones, tablets, office supplies and tech gadgets are gaming consoles and e-readers are some great choices for the CEO in all right up your guy's alley. your life. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS FOR HERE ARE SOME IDE AS YOUR PROFESSIONAL GUY FOR YOUR TECHIE MAN Under $50 Universal Headset $49.99 Under $50 • Personalized Stationary Set $50 nook Over $50 • Over $50 Nook Simple Touch $80.00 Fossil Stainless Steel Watch $95 DIY DIY Wine Cork Serving Tray Altoid Tin Cell Phone Charger MOSTLY E'S MOSTLY F'S The Fine Wine & Diner The Creator Your man likes to live a life of You're married to an artist. He loves all modes of artistic expression, including music, literature, poetry and art. He is sophistication and class. He has a taste for all the finer things in life. He keeps himself clean-shaven and his home easily inspired and loves to do things well-kept Some of his favorite things with his hands. Artists like gifts that include fine wines and foods, elegant either let them consume or express art home décor, and luxury home and books, CDs and paintings are all good clothing items like Egyptian cotton examples. or cashmere HERE ARE SOME IDEAS HERE ARE SOME IDEAS FOR YOUR CLASSY MAN FOR YOUR ARTISTIC MAN Under $50. Under $50 Plush Robe $39.97 iTunes Gift Card $25.00 Over $50 Over $50 Personalized Wine Barrel $85.00 Framed Abstract Artwork $75.00 DIY DIY Deluxe Gourmet Gift Basket Melted Crayon Wall Art Anniversary gifts can get expensive. Shop smarter with Memolink's coupons and rewards. Visit to save on these gifts today. memolink. Sources

How to Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

shared by KaylaMatthews on May 14
Shopping for guys is hard! Take this personality-based quiz to find your guy the perfect anniversary gift!




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