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How Buying A Home Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

ways Buying A Home Can Improve O YOUR SEXXX LIFE ACCORDING TO HOME LOAN EXPERTS 18+ONLY + ADULTS 1. HOME OWNERS ARE 61% of all Australian women own their own home compared to 58% of men. SMOKIN' HOТ! Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Gender Indicators, Australia, Jan 2013 There's nothing sexier than a man with his own car unless it's a man with his own house - it says they're financially stable and have good credit! Like in many other areas in life though, women have men trumped on the home-owning front which means Aussie ladies are holding the keys to the door, if you know what I mean. 2. ANYWHERE. YES, ANYWHERE... Aussies aged 18-34 are more likely to live at home with their parents than they did in 1976. Remember the days when you used to lock your bedroom door every time your girl came over? Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Young Adults Then and Now, 2013 Well, now you can do whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want! Just don't give the neighbours a show or get caught for public indecency! Then again, it's better than becoming another shocking statistic! 3. YOU'RE TOO OLD FOR THE BACK SEAT OF THE CAR. Why risk it when you have your own house? In 2007, an Idaho couple lost control of their car and crashed into a telephone pole after backseat sex caused the vehicle to become "tippy". Luckily, the lovebirds escaped with only minor injuries. Source: The Age, 19 September, 2007 4. NOISE COMPLAINTS 5. YOU CAN INSTALL HAVE TO GO SWING OR A POLE. THROUGH STRATA. You can now practice your pole dancing routine at home among other things. In other words they become much, much rarer, and much, much more embarrassing. 6. NOBODY WILL FIND YOUR TOY BOX. Embarrassed about your private sex toy collection? Buy a house and store them in every drawer or cupboard for that special moment! HAVE WE CONVINCED YOU YET? MAYBE THESE SHOCKING STORIES WILL! SEX OUTSIDE THE HOME CAN BE DANGEROUS! SEX ON Scientists found that bacteria from the ocean thrives in beach sand. If you're getting busy on the beach, chances are you could get a whole lot dirtier thanks to typhoid, fever, hepatitis A and dysentery. THE BEACН BEWARE OF YOGI AND BOO BOO. In 1980, a couple were found dead in Glacier National Park, Montana after being attacked by a bear. The culprit: authorities speculated that it was the scent given off from the sex the couple were having that attracted the bear in the first place. (NOT SO) FUN ON THE HIGH SEAS. In 2013, it was alleged that Queen of the North navigator Karl Lilgert was either having sex or in a heated argument with his former lover when the ferry hit an island and sank along British Columbia's Inside Passage, Canada in 2006. HomeLoan 1300 889 743 experts

How Buying A Home Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Are you bored with your sex life? Do you want to heat things up? Discover how buying a home can do just that!


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