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Have You Been Catfished? The Deceptive World of Online Dating

Have You Been Catfished? The Deceptive World of Online Dating

Online dating has become immensely popular in the U.S. In fact, already one in every four couples meets online. However, the online dating world is prone to scams, such as the one referred to as “catfishing,” after the 2010 documentary Catfish that follows a young man’s encounter with a woman he met online – who turns out to be completely different. Thus, “catfishing” means fabricating an online identity with the intent of tricking somebody into a relationship.

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</div> Have you been CATFISHED ( [» The Deceptive World of Online Dating "Catfishing" "Catfish" the 2010 documentary follows Nev Shulman's encounter with a woman he meets online. a verb given to the act of posting false information online, usually with the intent to reel someone in. Spoiler alert... She turns out to be someone very different from who he thought he was speaking with. A HISTORY OF ONLINE DATING The merger of and created the first major Internet dating service in 1995. The first matrimonial service dates all the way back to 1700. 1991: The world wide web o- The movie "You've Got Most early "dating" sites specialized in By 1996, there were 16 dating sites recognized by's search engine. is open for business. Mail" further popularized the possibility of meeting mail order brides. someone online. Today, Americans spend about $500 million each year searching for a romantic partner. Niche dating sites have become an A whopping 20 million people visit a dating increasing popular choice for online daters. site at least once a month. Online dating is responsible for Good news for wedding planners! 120,000 marriages every year. DATING SCAMS Warning Signs that an online love interest might be a catfish Common catfish scams in the online dating world involve someone posing as a love interest and ultimately convincing the other person to give Facts that do not add up them money. Fake-looking profile pictures Unnatural eagerness to establish intimacy and closeness Poor grammar and spelling. Most scammers operate overseas, and speak English as a second language Wanting to communicate off the site. Avoid people who immediately want your personal email address or phone number. They may be trying to avoid security checks that most dating sites have in place THE COST OF INTERNET CATFISH In 2011 The FBI received Days since last Catfish O 5,600 complaints from the victims of scammers. RUSSIA Victims reported $50.4 million in collective losses. The FBI claims this is higher since The U.S. Embassy to Russia claims that one person a day reports concerns that a Russian single who is in fact, a many victims are too embarrassed to report their loss. catfish, has duped them. Numbers and Stats on how big online dating really is 88 88 10% of Americans use online Average spent by dating site 1 in 4 couples meet online dating services user per year: $239 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ eHarmony $ $ %24 $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 24 has has 20 million users 15 million The dating industry creates a yearly revenue of $1.049 billion LIAR LIAR: HONESTY AND ONLINE DATING 16% claim to be better off 5% lie about their car 5% have lied about the than in reality places they have been 1 in 3 men lie about their age 80% of online daters 50% are dishonest 42% of men admit to lying in fib in their profile about their height some way about their job Younger users tend to lie at a high rate Taller men and shorter 17% of women lie 32% of women admitted to lying about the same thing women receive more about age attention 24 Men increase their salary by as much as 20 to 40%. However, women were more likely to demote themselves. Men list their weight at an average Women list their weight at 8.5 pounds less on average. of 1.5 pounds less. Photographs are the most deceptive portion of a person's profile A20-vear-old man's I-year-old man's picture's average age is: picture's average age is: In situations where someone is lying 200 daysod 500 days old about their age, the older the person, the older their profile picture will be. REASONS TO GET A BACKGROUND CHECK 10% 3% 51% 25% of sex offenders have of men online can of all online dating of rapists in 2005 used online dating be classified as people are already in a relationship were estimated to psychopaths use online dating sites to find victims Facebook disclosed in 2012 that they estimate 8.7% or 83.09 million accounts on the site are fake. Of those, 5% - 6% are duplicates or false accounts. "Duplicate" account was defined as one that a user maintains in addition to their personal account. TV Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o was publicly humiliated when the story broke that his departed MTV launched a hit reality T.V. show called Catfish, which documents the experiences of real online couples who meet face-to-face for the first time. girlfriend never actually existed. HOW TO SPOT A FAKE PROFILE Look out for a seemingly perfect profile Do a background check on the name and information provided to see if it checks out. picture. This should throw up a red flag. Be cautious of a profile that complements Ask your other Facebook friends if anyone knows the person in real life. your own or appears too good to be true. Question profiles that seem too one-dimensional. Real people are complex. Take a look at their number of mutual friends and who those friends are. FIND OUT WHO YOUR DATE REALLY IS Find public records on the Internet, Cross-reference what you already know. including full background checks. If you have found information on someone, cross-reference it across the Internet. Many websites such as Instant Checkmate can assist. For example, if a possible catfish is registered to a site, notice the email and cross reference it with social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to see if the email in use by a profile matches the person in question. instant checkmate Find the truth about anyone SOURCES: / / / / / / / / / / / /

Have You Been Catfished? The Deceptive World of Online Dating

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Online dating has become immensely popular in the U.S. In fact, already one in every four couples meets online. However, the online dating world is prone to scams, such as the one referred to as “ca...





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