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Getting through a divorce

GETTING THROUGH A DIVORCE Making the decision to divorce can sometimes be difficult. Whether the decision was yours, or your partner's, it means you are both now at the start of a process that needs to be followed to ensure everything is legal. With so much to consider, deciding to engage a solicitor early can help make the whole process much simpler and less stressful. YOU'RE NOT ALONE M Divorce can feel like an isolating experience, but you're not alone... The average length of marriage is The divorce rate rose in 2010 to 11.4s 11.1 mITONS YEARS BRITONS/1000 Compared to 10.5 in 2009 For YOUNGER COUPLES aged (20-39) For OLDER COUPLES (aged 40-44) MORE WOMEN THẦN MEN MORE MEN THAN WOMEN initiate divorce initiate divorce AN OVERVIEW OF THE LEGAL PROCESS IN ENGLAND AND WALES For advice on the divorce process in Scotland and Northern Ireland, you'll need to ask your legal representative. BEFORE YOU PROCEED 1 HAVE YOU BEEN MARRIED FOR A YEAR? YEAR You have to wait a year before you can start proceedings. RELATIONSHIP BROKEN DOWN IRRETRIEVABLY? The court will not grant a divorce unless it has. ESEPARATED DADULTEAY O DESERTED D BEHAVIOUR ON WHAT BASIS ARE YOU FILING FOR DIVORCE? For example, adultery, separation, unreasonable behaviour, desertion. FIND YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER/SOLICITOR Getting professional advice can make the whole process much easier. HOW YOU PROCEED FILING YOUR PETITION FOR DIVORCE Your first interaction with the court will be filing your Petition to start the legal process. You will need to send the relevant RECEIVING A DIVORCE PETITION paperwork and fees to the court. If you have not filed the divorce petition you will receive the Petition & Notice of Proceedings. You can contest the divorce and the grounds for it, but you will need evidence to satisfy the court that your case is valid. CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILDREN If you have children, you need to complete and file a form to agree custody of them. If you can't agree on this, then a mediator can help. APPLICATION FOR THE DECREE NISI A judge will decide if the application for the Decree Nisi can be granted. If granted, 6 weeks afterwards you can apply for a Decree Absolute. DECREE ABSOLUTE IS GRANTED GLANTED Officially the divorce has been granted and the marriage has been dissolved. SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? There are plenty of options after completing this process. You might be interested to know that: * 2ND marriages account for 4 OUŤ OF EVERY 10 weddings in the UK Dr Michael Mantell, Clinical Psychologist suggests... Many people believe marriage is better the second time round as couples have matured, spent longer getting to know their partner, and are wiser and more experienced. BECAUSE FINDING THE RIGHT LAWYER MATTERS LawyerLocator can help you find legal advice from a local solicitor/barrister, as well as having practical, advisory information about a variety of legal issues. Lawyer Locator y @locatorlawyer /lawyerlocator SOURCES Office of National Statistics - 'Divorces in England and Wales 2010 - Office of National Statistics website - accessed 29.11.12 - YouGov website - reports - access 29.11.12 "Divorce rate hits 40 year low as couples marry later in life' - Daily Mail online article accessed 03.12.12 [ - 'Marriage Expectations - Young People Expect Marriages to Last accessed online - 03.12.12 ( "Divorce Rates 200 Times higher than a century ago accessed online - 03.12.12 18202.heml - 'Second Marriages - Your Questions Answered accessed online 03.12.12

Getting through a divorce

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An overview of the legal process and steps involved in getting through a divorce. Statistics about marriage breakdowns from 2011 are included, as well as information about life after divorce. Some hel...


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