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First Date Survival Guide

Surviving First Dates WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR TECH From online dating to social media, technology has taken much of the sting out of arranging a first date and making a great first impression. But what are people really looking for? Here are just a few insights into what people love and hate about first dates and most importantly, the best ways to make sure you get a second date. 1. Take Your Time DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? 22% 27% Absolutely Absolütely 32% Only. happens in the movies. Only happens in the movies 39% Maybe Maybe - 33% 36% You have time to impress. A survey by [1] suggests that the majority of men and women do not believe in love at first sight. 2. Make Sure 1 Feels Right DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE? 29% Yes. 44% Yes 58% Only if it feels -right No Only if it feels right 50% No 14% 6% The women asked by the poll were more reserved about kissing on the first date than the men. 3. Pay Up, You're A Man WHO SHOULD PAY ON THE FIRST DATE? 6% 7% 11% 26% OSplit, it evenly Split it evenly Only pay your part 50% The guy should always pay. The guy should pay. but the girl should offer The guy should pay, but the girl should offer. 33% The guy should always pay 67% Both the men and the women agreed that men should pay, but the women strongly felt that they should at least offer. Some research suggests that when a woman insists on paying for a date, it means she may not be interested in meeting for a second time. [2] 4. Be Polite And Altentive THE WORST THING SOMEONE CAN DO ON A DATE? 27% 33% I I: Be rude to the server/bartender etc. Be rude to the server/bartender etc. 25% 22% Profess their love for you with in 5 mins (creep you out) Profess their love for you within 5 mins (creep you out) 15% Б% Get completely drunk and out of control Get completely drunk and out of control While the women would 15% not tolerate rudeness or %EE overkeenness, the men Flirt with other people right in front of you Flirt with other people right in front of you did not want to see their date flirting with others. 10% 6% Terrible table manners Terrible table manners Dating websites are great, and not just in terms of finding you a date. They also have loads of data to fall back on to help you decide on things like what the best first date questions are. According to okcupid, if you want to find out if someone would have sex on a first date ask: In a certain light, wouldn't nuclear war be exciting? [3] 5. Talk About Ser Maybe SEX ON THE FIRST DATE. 2% Б% Is something I do all the time Is something I do all the time NA NA NA NA NA 31% 53% Happens once in a while Happens once in a while 41% 12% INA As for taking it further.while the majority of the women ruled out sex on a first date, the men suggested it happened Nope, never Nope, never them more often. 21% 24% NA NA Not opposed to it Not opposed to it Beware Of Android Users Get Feedback As a final point, just make sure you don't end up on here @FirstDateHell. With nearly 9000 followers and growing, this hashtag has become a dumping ground for people complaining about bad first dates. If you see your name, you haven't survived. According to this research Android users go all the way on a first date most often. [4] TwitterBabe01 First date hell. he was engrossed in his iPhone then showed me he had downloaded porno kama sutra app "cos we r bound to use it later" 62% of Android Users. 72% 25% 57% of iPhone Users. of Android users of iPhone. visit dating websites. users are 48% of Blackberry Users. tikely to. date co-workers. ..have sex on a first date. Sources [1] [2] Attractive-women-expect-date-pay-dinner-theyre-worth-it.html [3] first-date-no-problem-research-your-date-with-just-a-click-html [4] Android+Users+More+Likely+to+Get+Lucky+on+a+First+Date+than+iPhone+Blackberry+Users+/ article23914.htm

First Date Survival Guide

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As you may remember, last month we asked our worldwide base of readers and friends to participate in a survey all about what makes a first date a success, and participate you did! We wanted to know t...


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