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Finding Love in the Digital Age

FINDING LOVE IN THE DIGITAL AGE According to online dating is the 3rd most popular way for singles to meet beyond friends & family in 2010. [1a] 5.5 MILLION OF 54 MILLION USE ONLINE DATING NORTH AMERICA (2010 There are 54 millon singles in the United States, 55 million of those use doating services. [20] COURTSHIP BEFORE MARRIAGE: ONLINE VS. IN-PERSON = 18 vS. 42 MONTHS 42 GENERAL INFORMATION (2010) Marricd coupics who mct onlinie have ern averuge Courtshp period of 18.5 months. Married Couples who met offine courtship perled last on average 42 mon:hs [2] THE ONLINE DATING INDUSTRY IS NOW WORTH $4 BILLION WORLDWIDE. [4] GLOBAL ONLINE DATING PROFITS $4 BILLION Juniper estinmates that th overcll mobile dating sector will grow to $14 billion worldwide ty 2013. (201 WEEKLY 92% MOBILE $1.4Billion TIME SPENT = 12 MINS DATING SPRING 44 SEC According to mobile research group Ground Truth, mobile dating saw c 92% increaise In users sirce the summer began. [16) 2010 2013 MOST POPULAR MOBILE SITES: 1. FLIRTOMATIC . 7. MATCH.COM . 17. EHARMONY Acorcing to Ground Truth, Flirtomati: was che #1 visited dating site this summer through a moblic phonc. Matchcom was ranked 7th and cHarmony wes 17th [18] IN 2010... 17% 1.5 SINGLES have dated online of married couples met online 1 in 5 singles have dated someone they met ori a dating site. [6] 1 in 5 singles are curren:ly in a committed rclationship with 1.5 are "committed" sormeone they met on a duting to those they met online site. (0) In the last yaar 17% of couples who married met on o dating site. [6] BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COMPLAINTS The Better Business Bureau 2004 in the US soid in 2004 they received only 126 complaints obout datling services. In 2005 they received 824 and in 2009. 2.660 complaints. [3] 126 total 2005. 824 total 2009. 2,606 total 15% ONLINE DATING INCREASED 22% NORTH AMERICA 15% Online dating natlonwide Increased 15% from May 2009 to May 2010. In the Bay area (San Francisco, San Jose and Cakland) it increosed 22% in the some pericd of time. [14) CHINA As of June 15, 2010 Chino's UNITED KINGDOM: The volume of Google searches on mobile devices related to dating grew by 215% YOY (Year Over Year] since 2008. [20] soldiers are not allowed to use online dating sites. [11] JAPAN: AUSTRALIA Currently there are about 15 million online dating accounts In Australia, This is expected to increase to almost 2 milion by 2020. [1] Fukui Marriage-Hunting Café is the government's new online dating site for Japanese singles. This is a free service aimed at increasing Japan's fertility rate of 134 children per woman. [15) Reforences u. Ti Te Weu vS Motule Asps *n Cathnic Singlrs ar lookng te Felth o fr: Matenes 1 ha rline Iow: for Ridlkn in China Created by 2 DPe cer Loie rglse using Doling Siles 1 fusticlian orina neting Stnlistiks E 2n * More Oder ouplks mat hrmagn nirs Deting 3 Better Business Buras omplaints on the rise tor Dating 3itss A Zoosks new Phore Applcationand Chat -eature E cragsilst Reverue Reper. 201: O Matchcem Feleuses Study on Trens ir Dnirie Deting 7 worran Murrying Men - 2 Slulslice A Cupil edio Advoote6nine Coling Sofly e Young Couples now wailirg tu Marry 2 Mobli: Dat ng Stctiratn 5 Prvate Educction Ereods Adutarers - UK SRI *4 09ine L'atng on the Hise among Lay Area Sngles *5. The opanese Government Gtes Cupid A Run For His Meney *6. Ton Citles rtne us for Doing - 2310 7 New Yrk ralkms hew Cersey wih onine Coling Sofy Low SEXUAL RECOVERY INSTITUTE E Mobile Drting Popuk this Paumer 'A aHammenyL set ta Raise the Eor on Onina Caing Tronds. Mobla Cating Comes Age Intro Uluite: ONLNE DATING STATS -SATSTICS CITEO IN 2:12 Cnire Caing is tne third mest posu or wav for aingles to meeL bannaschoowerk and 1lend Tarily menmbe: Ressurces Chadw ok Marth Bal ev and Matchcom sudy - April 2010 SUMMER %24 GROWTH

Finding Love in the Digital Age

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With online dating being the third most popular way for singles to meet beyond friends and family in 2010 (according to, along with sex and intimacy drastically being affected by the Intern...


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Love and Sex
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