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Everything You Need to Know About Sex & Happiness This Valentine’s Day

Everything You Need To Know About Sex and Happiness Created by happify Science-based activities & games for a happier, healthier life at SOME STATS THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU 2-3 per month the typical American adult has sex (this includes both TIMES married and single people). 96% of people think sex is more fulfilling when there's an emotional connection between partners. Despite what we see in the movies, married people have more sex than singles: 61% of singles and 18% of married people haven't had sex in the past VS year, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, one of the most comprehensive studies of Americans' sex lives. For people between ages 25 and 59, 25% of married people have sex 2-3 times per week, while less than 5% of singles have sex that frequently. т SO, HOW OFTEN SHOULD WE BE DOING IT? Does More Sex = More Happiness? Contrary to long-held beliefs, new research from 2015 shows that having more sex does not necessarily make couples happier. Hoping to test the theory of whether more frequent sex increases happiness, researchers had certain married couples double their frequency of sex over a 3-month period. This didn't lead to any happiness gains, however. Why? The researches theorized the increased frequency decreased sexual enjoyment and the desire for sex. Once a Week Is the Sweet Spot In fact, couples who have sex an average of once a week are happiest. Researchers note that while it's important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, weekly sex is enough to preserve that bond. Why Sex Is Similar to Income People are happy if they have as much as their neighbors-and even happier if they have a bit more. 57% of people in unhappy relationships still find their partner extremely attractive. GET MORE SATISFACTION Cuddle Up... Couples who cuddle after sex are more satisfied sexually and in their relationships. .Especially Men Surprisingly, kissing and cuddling is more important to men in long-term relationships than women! And Change That Diaper, Too! Men: Want a happier relationship and sex life? Do more of the child care. When women take on the lion's share of domestic duties, both partners report lower satisfaction with sex and the relationship in general. Your Brain Doesn't Lie... Researchers reading brain scans may be able to predict who will become sexually promiscuous. Overactivity in one area and underactivity in another are associated with impulsive behavior, including promiscuity and problem drinking. ..Nor Does Your Finger! Looking for a partner who won't stray? Check for a short ring finger. He or she is genetically predispositioned for fidelity. Be Happier in the Bedroom You know what turns me on? Tell your partner what you like, and Change up the routine. Have sex in a new place, or at a new time. couch it in positive terms. you Spend time snuggling and kissing. Write your partner love notes. Intimacy is the goal, not necessarily Have sex or self-pleasure regularly. If you don't use it, you'll lose it! intercourse. THE SCIENCE OF ATTRACTION Sad but True Women find happy men less sexually attractive than brooding men. Healthy and Strong Women are attracted to men with strong immune responses and high levels of testosterone-from an evolutionary standpoint, they're more likely to survive and thrive. The same men tend to have “masculine" features, such as a strong jaw. Follow Your Nose The scent of musk can increase sexual response in both men and women. Researchers believe it's because it recalls the smell of bodies and sweat, but without the stink! THAT Time of the Month Although sex drive is individual, many women feel frisky during their periods. That's because progesterone, which dampens libido, is at its lowest during menstruation. ROAD MAP TO HAPPINESS Women who are sexually satisfied are generally happier. 17 The FIrst Time One survey found that on The age most average, people have to wait 13 years after losing teens have sex for the first time their virginity before (which is later having the best sex of than in previous their lives. decades) Don't Let Age Stop You Older couples who have regular sex are happier than couples who indulge less often. However, neurotic newlyweds who have frequent sex are as happy with their marriages as non-neurotics. More Sex Matters If You're Neurotic People who are neurotic often have more difficulty with relationships. The Big O According to a University of Chicago study: 75% 50% of American .but only men orgasm consistently during sex of women do. Globally, 64% VS. 32% of men orgasm of women regularly Only about 1 in 4 women can orgasm through intercourse alone. One of the biggest libido busters for women: Stress When Do We Peak? 26 32 In one survey, women years old years old reported having the "best sex of their lives" around age 26. For men, it's 32. 46% of respondents said that their best sex was with their current partner, no matter their age. Yet, people in their 50s and 60s said they had their best sex when they were 46. SEX AROUND THE WORLD Who's the Most Satisfied with Their Sex Lives? Notably missing: The U.S. and the U.K. 2 3 Switzerland Spain Italy 4 Brazil Greece 6 Netherlands 7 Mexico India Australia 10 Nigeria 11 Germany China SOURCE: Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey of 26,000 people in 26 countries. Build skills for a happier life with fun, science-based activities and games at Brought to you by happify Available on the AHDROD APP ON App Store Google play SOURCES Beal, A. (2009) Fascinating Facts About Your Period.Women's Health. Berman, L. (2014) 10 Fascinating Facts About Men and Sex. Blanchflower, D et al. 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Social Indicators Research. Wlodarski, R et al. (2015) Stay or stray?Evidence for alternative mating strategy phenotypes in both men and women. Biology Letters.

Everything You Need to Know About Sex & Happiness This Valentine’s Day

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An interesting and fun Infographic about everything to know about sex and happiness.





Love and Sex
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